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May 13, 2013

Fox’s Discredited Anti-Israel Guest Michael Scheuer

“Ultimately Israel is a country that is of no particular worth to the United States.�? (Scheuer, Jan. 4, 2010, C-SPAN)

For the 12-month period ending May 13, 2013, anti-Israel Middle East commentator and former CIA staffer Michael Scheuer made a total of nine appearances on live national TV. All of the appearances were on Fox News Channel or its sister network, Fox Business Network.

Scheuer invariably includes Israel when listing his villains – as he did on Fox’s “Happening Now�? on April 24, 2013 in providing his analysis of the April 15th Boston Marathon bombing:

… the young men who bombed Boston… their activities are a response to our support for the Saudi tyranny, our invasion of Iraq, our support for the Israelis [emphasis added]. Most recently Mr. Obama has invaded two Muslim countries, Mali and Libya.

Never one to be burdened by factual evidence, Scheuer is not reliable here either. The older of the two Chechnyan-American brothers who perpetrated the Boston bombing, openly disdained what he labeled the immorality of American society. News reports so far do not cite Tamerlan Tsarnaev ever mentioning Israel. They do suggest that he seemed to have been influenced by a Sunni Islamic radicalism which emphasizes the requirement for a world-controlling Islamic caliphate. The other major strain of Islamic radicalism is Iran’s Shi'ite version requiring actions to hasten, including by acts of destruction and chaos, the coming of the mahdi, Shiite Islam's messiah (the 12th Imam.)

Scheuer earned a Ph.D. in British Empire-U.S.-Canada-U.K. relations from the University of Manitoba. His credentials as an expert on the Middle East were examined by The Weekly Standard:

In any event, given the wholly irrelevant nature of Scheuer's doctoral research — his dissertation traced the comings and goings of an obscure Canadian diplomat in the years before World War II — assigning him to run the [CIA] bin Laden section [1996 to 1999] … can be taken as a symbol of the entrenched neglect of Islamic terrorism within the agency.

Scheuer’s bin Laden unit had utterly failed to find, kill, capture or stop bin Laden from attacking the United States. In 2004 he left the agency after writing the book “Imperial Hubris,�? first published anonymously. As historian and syndicated columnist Victor Davis Hanson wrote,

Once Scheuer was publicly identified, the world could examine what he had to say on various topics. People weren't impressed — especially by Scheuer's assertions in interviews that Osama bin laden shouldn't be identified as a terrorist, and the Holocaust Museum in Washington was a means to make Americans feel guilty about the Holocaust.

Scheuer has been out of government nine years. He has written or said little in that time to burnish what were previously thin credentials as a Middle East expert, his CIA posting notwithstanding. He also seems to be obsessed negatively with the Jewish state and its supporters, repeatedly making false generalizations. Why is Fox so hospitable to Scheuer when he has so thoroughly discredited himself by his antisemitic bias and loony Middle East comments on TV and in other venues?

It's time for the network to upgrade in this regard. The less Scheuer, the more informative the conversation.

Posted by MK at May 13, 2013 08:47 PM


I have watched O'Reilly on Fox news for many years. Each time he has Scheuer on, I write in a complaint. His anti-semitism is matched only by his incompetence at catching bin Laden. He has actually recommended that the US publicly announce its intention to shoot down any Israeli planes that are launched against Iran. As I said then, would such an announcement make it less or more likely that israel would have to attack Iran on its own. Would such an announcement make it less or more likely that Israel would have to use nuclear weapons to defend itself. I have never received a response from O'Reilly.

Posted by: Kenneth Perlman at May 17, 2013 11:40 AM

"a response to our support for the Saudi tyranny" -- Scheuer obviously did not bother to watch the Saudi Wahhabi YouTube speech by Muhammad Al-Luhaidan, the former head of the Saudi Supreme Judicial Council, dismissed for stating that the murder of Arab execs showing immodest programming during Ramadan was licit, which was prominent on Tamerlan Tsarnaev's YouTube list, or the three-part denunciation of a Kuwaiti Sufi Qur'an reciter by the Saudi bigot Al-Juhani denouncing Sufism, at the top of Tamerlan Tsarnaev's YouTube list.


Posted by: Stephen Schwartz at May 20, 2013 05:53 PM

Are you kidding? The writer of this commentary on Michael Scheuer has, very obviously, never bothered to open any of Scheuer's books, nor has s/he done any serious study of the situation in the Middle East. This kind of simple-minded political analysis comes from people (like this blogger) who sit in front of a bigscreen DopeTube (TV) night and day lapping up Rachel Madcow's twisted ridicule of the truth and other MSNBC propaganda, all of which are controlled by establishment censors in Washington DC.

Posted by: Bead Stallcup at June 24, 2013 05:14 PM

I've known Michael Scheuer for years. He is a self proclaimed supporter of Israel and maintains friends in the region. What Michael is saying is that the U.S. should not attempt to interfere with Middle Eastern policies. He hopes that "Israel thrives." But, U.S. policies should not come at the expense of American lives. Our elected officials are elected to serve the United States. They are not in office to create controversial positions that might lead to attacks on American soil. I hope the person hosting this blog has an opportunity to meet Michael. It might dissolve any animosity toward him. This posting is incredibly irresponsible and out of line.

DVZ responds: Your assertion that Michael Scheuer is a great supporter of Israel seems at odds with his own writings. In a recent issue of Middle East Quarterly, Scheuer is quoted as follows: "I carry no case for the Israeli relationship--I think it is a terrible relationship for America. The public opinion of the Muslim world is deeply hateful towards Israel. If you are going to satisfy the public in this new secular age of democracy you hare going to have to be anti-Israeli and probably allow your people to help the Palestinians."

He is also quoted as condemning a number of writers for their "blind faith in the moral superiority of Israel in general and Likudites in particular."

That doesn't sound like someone who hopes "Israel thrives" in a meaningful way.

Posted by: Courtland Sykes at July 18, 2013 02:40 PM

I agree. I saw him on Your World, FNC & was astonished as to why Neil Cavuto would have someone with such blatant anti-Israel views on his show. What further surprised me was that Neil did not counter Scheuer's criticism of the US supporting the legitimate State of Israel.

Posted by: ISupportIsrael at August 14, 2013 08:52 PM

This guy Michael Scheuer is what I call a smart arguement giver but have no mind. The absurdity that he talks about Israel is totally unacceptable.
What he doesn't realize and because he has no understanding of the history is that Ottoman empire and Various Islamic rulers wanted to spread Islam.
What this moron has no idea is that that lot of clerics are very keen in spreading Islam and converting USA to an Islamic country so that everybody comes under Islam.
What this moron has no idea of is that Muslim fundamentalists believe in killing you whether you are a friend or not a friend and only understand the strength of a power.
I would have believed in everything he would have said if I had not experienced things on the ground myself.
This Michael Scheuer is trying to play Nietzsche when in reality he has no understanding of anything.
This happens because as you follow stories you don't understand you start liking things you don't understand.

Posted by: Friend at October 14, 2013 06:08 PM

Self justification is the hallmark of a failure. Blaming the victim is as culpable as victimization itself.
Sheuer was a failure at the CIA, but not entirely his fault. The insane secrecy prevented sharing of vital information about al-Quaeda and it's crew, bothe within the CIA, FBI, NSA and between all of them. The facts were known prior to 9/11, but nobody knew them all.
Scheuer understandably feels the failure as a personal one, so he retreats into the world of self-justification. In doing so, he falls into the same trap as those who find excuses for strocities everywhere, and what is easier than to blame the international scapegoat, Israel, which ignores the fact that it is a democracy unequalled anywhere, a country that has been threatened with the destruction of its entire population, yet it has turned swamps and deserts into arable land, and gas created cutting edge industries and science too numerous to be listed here.
Jealousy is a curse that leads to resentment, anger, violence. Siding with the enemy is in war, treason, in peace, it is a self promoting money maker.

Posted by: Sceptic at December 13, 2013 10:33 PM

As a specialist of Islamics and an insider I am really shocked by the misleading information of Dr. Scheuer in regard to The culture of the Arab countries and what so call " Islamic world "actually there is no minimum cultural bond between the Muslims in Egypt and them in Indonesia or Kosovo ( as an example ) so in what base he has reached the conclusion that " Muslims" want a Khalifa ??,!!!! Totally not true , he ignores hundred of millions of secular Muslims and other religions sharing with them what he calls " Islamic world " . Second : I can n't imagine the a CIA specialist does not know the power of words in the Arab countries and how symbolism can motivates them , so when he says that Bin Laden is a Hero not a terrorist , there are two options 1- he does n't understand the impact of his words , or he is a traitor who see a man killed 3000 thousands of his own people " deserves to be respected "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any way , it is obvious that the man suffers "Stockholm syndrome " and this is his personal problem as a writer . The question is , how such a case happened ???? To put an admirer of the enemy in charge to get him done??? I think after reading and seein him interviewed I have understood , how 9/11 happened .

Posted by: Nouran Elgezeiry at September 4, 2016 09:17 AM

Scheuer does not just appear on conservative programs. I've seen him on 60 Minutes and Bill Maher on HBO.

Posted by: Mike at July 16, 2017 07:16 PM

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