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April 18, 2018

The Presbyterian Church USA Is Obsessed With Israel

PCUSA Overtures April 18 2018.jpg

Here’s a good rule of thumb. If someone from the Presbyterian Church (USA) tries to tell you their peacemaking agenda is not about the Jews, you can be sure it’s about the Jews.

The Presbyterian Church USA, a dying mainline church with a long history of attacking Israel, will convene its General Assembly in St. Louis Missouri in June 16-23, 2018.

As of this writing, there are nine resolutions before the committee charged with issues related to the Middle East.

Eight of those nine resolutions are related to Israel.

Only one is related to the ongoing civil war in Syria, which has cost half a million people their lives.

In the course of this war, the Assad regime has used chemical weapons to drive thousands of people from their homes. The regime has been accused of running extermination camps where its opponents are murdered and their bodies placed in mass graves.

The Assad regime has gassed its opponents, dropped barrel bombs on people lined up at bakeries to get bread. It has strafed, shot and starved half a million people, driven millions of Syrians into exile and displaced millions of its citizens internally.

Despite these manifest crimes against humanity, the denomination’s peace activists have gotten one — only one — overture on the agenda of the PCUSA’s upcoming General Assembly.

And this overture does not even mention Syrian President Bashar Al Assad or the Assad regime by name!

The background for the overture, does however, blame U.S. sanctions against the Syrian government for the a downward spiral of the country’s economy which has caused a decline in the standard of living:

A key factor contributing to this downturn has been the sanctions imposed by the United States. Those sanctions, enacted in order to punish the Syrian government for its support of terrorism, violence, and human rights abuses, have had a major impact on the welfare of all Syrian citizens.

There is something seriously wrong with the PCUSA and in particular, its General Assembly.

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