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February 12, 2018

Huffington Post Arabic, Platform for Hamas Propaganda

Feb. 20 Update: Huffington Post Arabic Removes Hamas Propaganda

Hamas has found an unlikely platform to amplify its propaganda. Huffington Post Arabic has copied and pasted a Hamas caption, word for word, including language completely at odds with journalistic norms ("Video and first pictures.. see the site of the Israeli F-16 plane's crash and its debris after it was shot down by fire from inside Syria," Feb. 10).

Thus, a caption which appears at Huffington Post Arabic, reproduced entirely from the Facebook page of Hamas' Shehab News Agency, refers to Israel as "the occupation" and "the enemy," and its territory as "occupied Palestine" (translation by CAMERA's Arabic department):

The occupation's media publishes scenes which it said are of the moment of shooting down the Iranian drone (according to the announcement of the enemy) that entered the skies of occupied Palestine early in the morning. (Emphasis added.)

huffpost Hamaspropaganda.jpg

At the time of the launch of Huffington Post Arabic, Ariana Huffington, president and editor-in-chief of Huffington Post Media Group, averred: "The Huffington Post’s DNA of a combination of original reporting plus a platform for voices in the region to express themselves in video, in text, in pictures is quite needed." Apparently, in the view of Huffington Post Arabic editors, that need extends to providing a terror organization with a platform..

-- Research and reporting by CAMERA Arabic

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