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September 14, 2017

Vox: Don't Say "Radical Islamic Terrorism," But Definitely Say "Jewish Terrorism"

On our main site yesterday, we wrote about Vox's false claim that West Bank settlements are dotted with world-class hospitals that Palestinians can't go into.

While looking into that, we noticed something else. Across multiple articles, Vox reporter Zack Beauchamp has championed the argument that use of the phrase "radical Islamic terrorism" is problematic in that, even with the qualifier "radical," it broadbrushes all Muslims.

Here, for example, is Beauchamp approvingly citing the view that the phrase targets "the entirety of the Muslim religion":


And again later in the piece:


In another article, Beauchamp writes,

beauchamp 5.jpg

And here, Beauchamp treats the concept as one that should be obvious:


Okay. But if that's what Beauchamp and Vox believe, why do they use the phrase "Jewish terrorism" with such relish?


In one article, variants of the phrase appear 18 times: in the title, in headings, approvingly in quotes, and in the reporter's own words.

jewish terrorism.gif

Does Beauchamp think attacks by extremist Jews speak for "the entirety of the Jewish religion"? Does he not care about "alienating Jewish allies"? Or "misidentifying the cause of the problem as one of Jewish theology"? Is it fine, in his view, to "insult mainstream Jews to boot"? That seems to be the conclusion from his language.

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