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September 27, 2017

Journalist Harassed by PA in 2014 Now in Facebook Jail

Brian Schrauger, editor and publisher of The Jerusalem Journal. (Photo: Dexter Van Zile)

Brian Schrauger, editor of a pro-Israel website The Jerusalem Journal, has, along with a number of his friends and supporters, been placed in Facebook’s equivalent of jail, blocked from posting articles to groups on the social media giant’s network. Details are a bit sketchy, but Schrauger, along with a number of other pro-Israel bloggers who have attempted to post articles from Schrauger’s Chaim Report, a news aggregation section on The Jerusalem Journal.

“The Chaim Report is a kind of Israel-centered version of the Drudge Report,” Schrauger says. “Like Drudge, it provides a daily aggregation of third party stories from mainstream news and government sources.”

Folks who have tried to post articles from The Chaim Report into Facebook groups have gotten messages that state “Action Blocked.” The messages go onto state that the writers in question have been “temporarily restricted from joining and posting to groups.” The restrictions or punishments appear to be about 10 days in length.

“Eleven of us have been put in prison,” Schrauger says. “So far the release date is from 3-6 October.”

Schrauger has his suspicions as to what’s happening.

“I am convinced the most likely reason is because a malicious person, or persons, have engaged in a campaign to report all Jerusalem Journal posts as spam,” Schrauger says.

In 2014, Schrauger, a vocal critic of Palestinian elites, was harassed by PA police who told him it would be a good idea if he left Bethlehem. They took his passport on the way to the police station.

Three years later, the harassment has shifted to Facebook.

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Make that 12!

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