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March 15, 2017

NY Times Misleads on David Friedman and Two-State Solution

Friedman hearing.JPG
David Friedman at Feb. 16 Senate hearing: Two-state solution "is best possibility for peace in the region" (NY Times screen capture)

In an article today about the visit of U.S. envoy Jason Greenblatt to the West Bank, Ian Fisher of The New York Times misleadingly reports that David M. Friedman, President Trump's pick for the next ambassador to Israel, "has disavowed the two-state solution" ("Trump's Envoy to Mideast Meets With Mahmoud Abbas in West Bank").

The article does not inform readers that in his Feb. 16 Senate confirmation hearing, Friedman more recently expressed support for the two-state solution, calling it "the best possibility for peace in the region."

As The Times reported Feb. 17 ("Nominee for Israel Envoy Regrets 'Hurtful Words," Emmarie Huetteman):

Although [Friedman] has been dismissive of it in the past, he said the two-state solution had received ''the most thought and effort and consideration.'' He later elaborated that he had not seen any evidence that Palestinians had an ''appetite'' for unifying under a single state.

''It still remains the best possibility for peace in the region,'' he told senators, referring to the two-state solution.

Likewise, AP reported Feb. 16:

Friedman said he "absolutely" supports a two-state solution, but said he's skeptical such an approach can succeed because Palestinians haven't renounced terrorism and have refused to accept Israel as a Jewish state. But he said he would be "delighted" if it were possible to reach a two-state agreement.

CAMERA has contacted The Times to request a clarification. Stay tuned for an update.

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