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November 01, 2016

Kudos to the Boston Globe on UNESCO Commentary


The malice and lies about Israel that emanate from the United Nations and its various bodies are endless and frequently ignored by the media as well as officials and pundits. Last week's Arab/Muslim-led resolution effectively negating Jewish religious and historical ties to the Temple Mount touched a nerve -- perhaps because the lie is so bizarre.

A November 1 Boston Globe editorial strongly denounced the assault on history and Israel's legitimacy, saying:

The United Nations’ animus toward Israel took a truly deplorable turn last week with the passage of a resolution implicitly denying the Jewish people’s historic connection to the holiest site in Judaism.

That site is Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, so named for the two Jewish temples that stood on the site for almost nine centuries — the first built by King Solomon nearly 3,000 years ago, the second destroyed by the Roman legions under Titus in 70 A.D. One needn’t be a Bible scholar or a historian to know that the cultural, religious, and emotional bonds that link the Jews to Jerusalem are unparalleled. For millennia, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount have been central to Jewish self-awareness — and thus to Christianity as well, since the Temple figures prominently in the Gospels’ account of the life of Jesus.

The Globe further noted:

Malicious distortions of history are not trivial. In the Middle East as elsewhere, such falsifications have triggered wars and incited bloodshed. So it is reassuring that the UNESCO resolution has been vigorously denounced, and not only by Israel. Crystal Nix-Hines, the US ambassador to UNESCO, slammed the organization’s pronouncements on Jerusalem as “continuously one-sided and inflammatory? and regretted that the latest resolution wasn’t defeated. In Prague, Czech parliamentarians voted overwhelmingly to repudiate the UNESCO resolution. Even Ban Ki-moon, the outgoing UN secretary-general, issued a rebuke, warning that dishonest revisionism “will only feed violence and radicalism.?

The Globe did its own important part too in reiterating for readers the facts -- and the immorality of using lies to harm and isolate Israel.

Posted by AL at November 1, 2016 10:42 PM


UNESCO now says the Mona Lisa is a self-portrait of Arafat.
Look at picture.

Posted by: Barry Meridian at November 4, 2016 03:50 AM

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