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October 09, 2016

Deutsche Welle Misreports Latest Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem

Deutsche Welle is Germany's international news service providing news in multiple languages online, on satellite TV and radio. Judging, however, from their report on the latest terrorist attack in Jerusalem, they cannot be trusted to report accurately in an unbiased fashion. Consider this headline and lede: Deutsche Welle.jpg

Was this indeed a case of a trigger-happy, brutal police force assassinating a "suspect" without giving him the benefit of a trial? This is the likeliest conclusion to be drawn from Deutsche Welle's distorted report.

But, in fact, the terrorist -- 39-year-old Mousabah Abu Sabih of the eastern Jerusalem Silwan neighborhood, who had been previously indicted for incitement to terrorism and who was reportedly supposed to begin a 4-month incarceration today for assaulting a policeman-- went on a shooting spree and was in the midst of a murderous rampage when he was shot dead by border police. He had just critically wounded a Yasam special patrol officer, who later died of his wounds in hospital, as well as wounding a second officer. This came after he had critically shot a 60-year-old woman who later died of her wounds-- and wounded many others as he shot at people from the window of his car. He was not a "suspect" in an incident that was in dispute, but an active shooter who was in the midst of trying to kill as many people as he could.

The terrorist was reportedly a member of Hamas, whose spokesman, Fawzi Barhoum, praised the attack and called it a confirmation of the intifada, urging an escalation in attacks. Islamic Jihad praised the attack, as well, while Fatah honored the terrorist as a "martyr".

But, of course, Deutsche Welle, reported none of this, spinning the story-- drawn from Reuters, AFP, and AP -- in an entirely different direction,and in the process revealing itself as more of a propaganda site than a legitmate news agency.

Posted by RH at October 9, 2016 06:12 AM


what does "ethnically palestinian" mean?

aside from the historical fallacy of an arab palestine prior to 1964, "palestinian" might one day become a nationality, but their ethnicity will always be "arab".

there is no such thing as a "palestinian" ethnicity, because the term applies equally to the jewish or druze or armenian population of "palestine". just as "israeli" applies to bedouin or jew.

Posted by: shloime at October 10, 2016 12:43 PM

"the line that segregated the mainly ethnically palestinian East Jerusalem from the mostly Jewish western sector of the city"

This is barely coherent writing, as well as being mendacious. If east Jerusalem is "mainly ethnically palestinian" and the western sector is "mostly Jewish", then the use of the word "segregated" is out of place and contradicts the meanings of "mainly" & "mostly" which mean not entirely, and hence not segregated. On the other hand, if DW is referring to the Green Line splitting the city between 1948 and 1967, then it was not the line itself that "segregated" but the Arab Legion and Arab irregular forces that drove all Jews out of parts of the city that they took over during the 1947-49 war. Jews were driven out of the Old City and several quarters north of the Orient House and the American Colony Hotel, not far from the site of the attack described inaccurately in the DW article.

Why didn't CAMERA pick up the false usage by DW of the word "segregated"? Why doesn't Camera protest that DW lie?

Posted by: Jack Schwartz at October 20, 2016 02:44 PM

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