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June 08, 2016

Yahoo News, Russia Today, Misreport Tel Aviv Terror Attack

As we were posting an article noting Yahoo News's prior connections to radical hate sites, and its continued promotion of extreme and inaccurate anti-Israel propaganda, Palestinian terrorists opened fire outside a chocolate shop in a crowded area of Tel Aviv, leaving four Israelis dead.

After the attack, Yahoo News on Twitter gave the false impression that the "militant attack" targeted Israel's defense ministry:

yahoo news militants near defense ministry.jpg

Responsibility for that tweet might lie with AFP, whose breaking report, which Yahoo News linked to, used similar language. But while AFP has since updated its reporting to note that the shooting occurred at "a Tel Aviv bar and restaurant complex," Yahoo News seems to be sticking with the "Defense Ministry" spin. A subsequent tweet by the Yahoo account again described the attack as being "near Israel's defense ministry."

yahoo news again near defense ministry.jpg

This time, though, Yahoo News did not link to an article that mentioned the defense ministry. Instead, it referred to an AP article correctly describing an attack "near a popular open-air market." Why, then, does Yahoo News continue suggest to its Twitter followers that the terrorists were targeting anything other than Israeli civilians?

It can always get worse, though. Russia Today initially claimed it the gunmen were Jewish:

russia today jewish gunmen.jpg

(It subsequently corrected its headline, which currently reads, "'Harsh terror attack': 2 Palestinians dressed as Orthodox Jews kill 3 in Tel Aviv.")

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