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March 07, 2016

Where's the Coverage? Jordan Forces Kill Likely Palestinian Terrorists; American Media are Silent

International wire services and American news media have failed to report an incident involving the killing of several terrorists in a Palestinian camp in Jordan by Jordanian forces. Such an event almost surely would have been reported if it had involved Israeli forces in the West Bank or Israel proper. Notice the penchant for headlines like “Palestinian shot dead� referring to a Palestinian killed by Israeli authorities after murderously assaulting Jews. It suggests a double standard, by which Palestinian terrorists "victimized" by Israel make news, those killed by non-Israeli forces in similar circumstances do not.

According to a March 2 (9:08 a.m.) Al-Jazeera America news hour report, “Jordanian security forces killed seven men while targeting fighters in the city of Irbid [in Jordan]. They were hold up inside a Palestinian refugee camp in the heart of the city… These were described as outlaws by Jordanian officials indicating, because it didn't say that they were a different nationality, that they are in fact Jordanian.� In other words, they were most likely Jordanian Palestinians since more than half of the Jordanian population are of Palestinian Arab lineage (including Jordan’s Queen Rania) and they were hiding in a Palestinian camp.

Al-Jazeera Web site reports (March 2), “Security forces kill seven men in northern city of Irbid in series of raids that also left a police officer dead.�

The Jordan Times Web site reports (March 3), “Security and civil defence apparatuses on Thursday carried out operations in Irbid to ‘cleanse’ the area in which Tuesday's anti-terror raid took place, according to an official… Irbid governor noted that bodies of three out of the seven outlaws were identified as Jordanians, while the rest were ‘unrecognisable.’�

It's hard to imagine the wire services and other major Western news media not at least mentioning, if not headlining, an Israeli operation targeting and killing seven Palestinian terrorists in hiding. Did an especially busy news day account for omission of the Jordanian story, or was something else at work?

Posted by MK at March 7, 2016 02:12 PM


Well for yout information the outlaws where announced Jordanians, true they where hiding in a palestinian refugees camp since couple of months. Autopsy confirmed three were jordanians out of seven, there others were unrecogniseable who they are because their bodies were burned after hitting them with RBJ's. Even if they were from palestinian origion and that is not the case the problem is that they are Salafi Jihadi believers.

Posted by: Musa at March 8, 2016 12:14 AM

It would seem that, as far as American media is concerned, if an event in the Middle East does not involve Jews, it's not News!

Posted by: Anonymous at March 8, 2016 09:07 AM

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