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January 03, 2016

CNN's Brianna Keilar: Tel Aviv Is Israel's Capital

Urging viewers to tune in to her upcoming 2 pm EST "Newsroom" broadcast, CNN's Brianna Keilar reports at the end of "Wolf":

Hi there. I'm Brianna Keilar. And we are starting with breaking news of a possible terror attack in Israel. We are following this manhunt for the person who opened fired at a pub in Israel's capital. Two people were killed in the middle of the afternoon in the shooting in Tel Aviv. (Emphasis added.)

Unfortunately, in the short time between the end of "Wolf" and the opening of "Newsroom" no one at CNN managed to tip off Keilar, a fellow at Georgetown University's Institute of Politics and Public Service, that Jerusalem, not Tel Aviv, is Israel's capital.

Thus, the intrepid anchorwoman gamely carried on, kicking off the "Newsroom" broadcast:

Hunt for the person who opened fire at a pub in Israel's capital. Two people were killed in the middle of the afternoon in this shooting in Tel Aviv. It's 9:00 p.m. there now and night has long since fallen, but this killer is still on the loose.

CAMERA has contacted CNN to request a correction. Stay tuned for an update.

Posted by TS at January 3, 2016 02:50 AM


Nothing new here. Just progressives/leftists trying to change the facts to suit their narrative.

Posted by: ScienceABC123 at January 3, 2016 09:18 AM

Tel Aviv is understood as the capital for most diplomatic purposes. The world attempts to regard Jerusalem as a non-aligned city, regardless of whatever claims various religious fanatics make that the city is "all theirs".

Posted by: John Consharvard at January 4, 2016 02:59 PM

Ignorance has nothing to do with left or right. If anyone did any research, it's likely he or she found that the US Embassy is in Tel Aviv and concluded that must be the capital.

Posted by: ellen at January 4, 2016 10:28 PM

But that conclusion would have been dead wrong.

Go ahead and cry while insisting that Tel Aviv is really Israel's capital for "most diplomatic purposes" and that Jerusalem is really a non-aligned city because that is what "the world" accepts, But no amount of partisan screaming will change the facts--Jerusalem is not just the historical capital of Israel. It is the de facto capital no matter what some people want to hear, and no amount of screaming "It's not, It's not" will change things.

Posted by: Toni at January 7, 2016 02:09 PM

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