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November 22, 2015

Reuters: Palestinians 'Died on the Scene' of Attacks


In recent weeks, Reuters has demonstrated great ingenuity in downplaying Palestinian violence, including stabbing, shooting and ramming attacks against Israelis. First, there was the "knife man" killed by Israelis, then there were Palestinians "confronting" Israelis, followed later by Palestinians killed in "street violence."

Most recently, Reuters portrays Palestinian murderers and attempted murderers as innocent bystanders:

Police say 49 of the 80 Palestinians killed in recent weeks died at the scene of attacks on Israelis and most of the rest died in violent protests in the occupied West Bank and near the Gaza border. (Emphasis added.)

Palestinians "died at the scene of attacks on Israelis," as if they were innocent bystanders caught in the wrong place in the wrong time, as opposed to the perpetrators of the said attacks.

Reuters gains itself another entry into the growing list of "bad writing."

Posted by TS at November 22, 2015 04:11 AM


Look how Reuters is biased against Israel.
Reuters says this in an article.
"Palestinian shot after stabbing Israeli policeman in Jerusalem." As usual, Reuters/AFP/AP leads with the Israeli response to Arab violence, not the Arab violence.
June 21, 2015

Posted by: Barry Meridian at November 23, 2015 11:21 AM

WHY WHY WHY would you post the above as the Headline of this occurrence? This "dead Palestinian" is dead because he "rammed" his vehicle into 2 IDF soldiers in the West Bank! He was then shot dead as a "response to the terror he inflicted". What about the 2 victims that he almost killed? WHY is he presented as the hero and the victim? When did Reuters become so left-sided? You had always been a trusted News source in this home, but no more. Seems like ALL media outlets are telling lopsided stories that are "untruths". WHY??

Posted by: Noreen at November 30, 2015 09:59 AM

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