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November 05, 2015

Huffington Post Blog Slanders Israel as “Apartheid�

As violent attacks are perpetrated upon Israelis daily, the Huffington Post thought the timing was right for yet another “apartheid� slam on Israel, posting blogger Zack Sabella's piece, “The US Must Accept that Israeli Leadership Wants Apartheid Not Peace.�

Sabella makes inflammatory, broad and unsubstantiated statements, such as:

“Israeli politics and society have regressed to their lowest point in history, with racism flourishing at unprecedented levels.�

“The Israeli government of today is the most racist, most aggressive and most destructive government in Israel's history.�

“Israel has chosen occupation over peace and has normalized the brutal domination of the Palestinian people rather than liberate itself from becoming a modern-day apartheid state.�

Sabella ignores the fact that Israeli Arabs enjoy more rights in Israel than Arabs living anywhere else in the Middle East. Apartheid? Hardly. As South African member of parliament Kenneth Rasalabe Joseph Meshoe has said, “Those who know what real apartheid is, as I know, know that there is nothing in Israel that looks like apartheid.� Meshoe continued, “There is a widespread allegation, really a slander, that Israel is an apartheid state. That notion is simply wrong. It is inaccurate and it is malicious.�

Sabella calls on Presidents Obama and Bill Clinton to follow Jimmy Carter's lead in condemning Israel. As has been well-documented by CAMERA, Carter has been actively engaged in pro-Hamas, anti-Israel dialogue since finishing his last term in office (see here and here). Sabella demands that the US “wield a stick� in dealing with Israel, or “history will judge it for not forcing Israel to change its course of action.�

All this as old women and children are being stabbed in the streets of Israel, civilians are being rammed with cars and Palestinian leaders are encouraging this bloodbath.

Sabella also writes regularly on a personal blog. There, he has covered the last month of terror with a vehemently anti-Zionist, pro-terrorism perspective, rejecting that the Palestinians shot are being stopped mid-attack and embracing the false narrative that children are being killed in cold blood. In an October 2 blog post, "A day in the life of a Palestinian," Sabella wrote, "The killing of Palestinians has become as routine as drinking water in Israeli society." Yet, the Huffington Post gives this individual an international platform.

- Rachel Frommer, CAMERA Intern

Posted by SC at November 5, 2015 09:51 AM


Even worse still, this "article" ran on Yahoo's news home page, thus countless readers who are uninformed on the issue, had this propaganda forced upon them and may now believe there is veracity that Israel practices apartheid.

Posted by: Steven at November 5, 2015 04:10 PM

Who is this person , Zack Sabella ???

Posted by: Rita Cohn at November 5, 2015 06:42 PM

They prove with every complaint that they don't even know what apartheid IS. They honestly think that because "Palestinians" can't vote in Israel that this is "apartheid." And yet they would instantly deny that Mexicans should vote in American elections.

Posted by: Susan at November 5, 2015 06:59 PM

Shame on you, Zack Sabella! Why do you say that Israel is an apartheid state? Israeli Arabs have more rights in Israel than anywhere else in the Middle East. By saying Israel has apartheid you are either showing that your ignorance of what apartheid heally was or else spitting on those who fought and sometimes suffered and died to end it in South Africa.

You call on Obama to follow Jimmy Carter's lead in condemning Israel. You *do* know, I assume, that Carter has been active in pro-Hamas, anti-Israel hate speech.

And, interestingly, you choose this time, when Israeli civilians are being stabbed amd rammed with cars, all the while encouraged by Palestinian leaders, to smear Israel. smh

Posted by: Janice Amrani at November 6, 2015 12:23 AM

Sabella, not having been in Israel [for at least one month], Does not know what she is talking about. She has the stupidity of plain ignorance of the facts and should either shut up or come and stay ibn Israel for a month or two, hearing both sides of a sad story for both sides. I challenge her.

Posted by: Monty Pogoda at November 7, 2015 05:41 PM

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