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June 04, 2015

Touro Human Rights Institute Documents Legal Assault on Israel

Director of the Touro Institute on Human Rights of the Holocaust, Anne Bayefsky, and the team at Human Rights Voices, have created an online tool for educating the public, the media, advocates, and legislators, about every aspect of the UN's handling of the Gaza war and the forthcoming McGowan Davis/Schabas report. This is the opportunity to arm yourself with the facts, and with an understanding of the law, and prepare for battle -- against the legal pogrom that is now unfolding against the Jewish state.

The database on the UN's Legal Pogrom and McGowan Davis/Schabas report will be updated regularly.

Posted by GI at June 4, 2015 10:38 AM


Kol HaKavod for every effort to educate the public, but sometimes one despairs of reaching those who need to be reached

It has to start in the early school grades if it is to have any effect on the youth and adults who, in the US, at least, grow up more ignorant each generation.

Effectively, they do not know how to think and analyze. This is not an accident; it has been the program of Our Corporate Masters for nearly half a century. (No, I am not being paranoid; I have a long perspective from which to analyze!)

So I hope this Institute will manage to build in an analytic process along with its statement of facts. Facts never bothered those who, for their own varied reasons, choose to believe pop myths.


Posted by: Hypatia at June 5, 2015 12:32 PM

Please keep me posted on the UN's handling of the Gaza war and the legal pogrom that is now unfolding against the Jewish state.

Posted by: Jo Ann Wein at June 5, 2015 09:21 PM

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