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June 02, 2015

Christ at the Checkpoint Activists Equate Israel with ISIS in Video

In a publicity video produced in March to publicize a July 2015 gathering of young adults under the rubric of the Christ at the Checkpoint movement, filmmakers have juxtaposed the victims of ISIS who have been set on fire and decapitated with Palestinians going through a checkpoint.

They have also juxtaposed the ISIS flag with the Israeli flag.

If you watch the video (which is located beneath the jump and is not for the faint of heart), you’ll see horrific images of the Jordanian Air Force pilot standing behind metal bars as he is being set on fire followed by images of Palestinians walking through a checkpoint, which itself is comprised of metal bars.

The inference that the viewer is encouraged to draw is that there is a connection between the plight of the Jordanian pilot stuck in a cage, about to be set on fire, and the Palestinians going through a checkpoint.

The same video also juxtaposes ISIS fighters driving down the road and through the streets of a city (flying the easily recognizable ISIS flag) with images of a vehicle flying an Israeli flag as it travels away from the camera.

The implications presented to readers are that the plight of the Palestinians is somehow similar to that of the Jordanian pilot who was set on fire and that there is a meaningful similarity between support for ISIS and support for the Jewish state.

Neither of these messages is supported by the facts, but that’s what the filmmakers who made this video would have viewers believe.

The video ends with a summons for the viewers, who are presumably young Palestinians, to attend an upcoming conference that will take place during July 16-18, 2015.

The Christ at the Checkpoint movement, supported by Christians associated with Bethlehem Bible College in the West Bank, is well-known for its efforts to demonize the Jewish state, but this video is a new low.

Click the "Continue Reading" link below to see the video, but again, it’s not for the faint of heart.

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