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May 13, 2015

BDS Activists Lose in Ithaca, Anti-Israel Defamation Continues

Ithaca Activist Jim Murphy.jpg
Jim Murphy, a local radio host and supporter of the BDS campaign in Ithaca, which suffered a setback when a local food coop rejected an anti-Israel boycott proposal last night.

The governing board of the GreenStar Cooperative Market, a food coop located in Ithaca New York, handed the BDS movement a set back last night when it rejected a proposal to impose a boycott on Israeli-produced goods. Advocates of the proposal, who had falsely claimed that Sabra Hummus was named after the Sabra and Shatilla massacre, suffered the defeat after the coop’s council concluded that the boyct proposal violated New York state human rights law which prohibits companies participating in boycotts based on national origin.

William Jacobson, a blogger at Legal Insurrection, and a law professor at Cornell University (located in Ithaca) who has been documenting the controversy, states “This is a very important victory, and one in which the NY Human Rights Law played a central role. As such, it has serious implications for other boycott attempts singling out Israeli products based on national origin.�

Ithaca is a hotbed of anti-Zionist activism. Alison Weir, a well-known anti-Israel propagandist will be speaking at the Unitarian church in Ithaca this evening (May 13, 2015. The event has drawn criticism from the Ithaca Coalition for Unity and Cooperation in the Middle East (ICUC-ME), which has written a letter to the church council.

The letter highlights some of Weir’s uglier polemics. For example, she has compared Israel to Nazi Germany, stating that its founding was “the start of a holocaust.� She has also demonized American Jews. “In this country, you…you’ve killed careers. You’ve killed business. You’ve killed hope. You’ve weeded out sprigs of integrity from our Congress, journalists from our press,� she has written.

In its letter to the Unitarian Church, the ICUC-ME declared that such language fits the U.S. State Department's Definition of antisemitism. The letter states in part:

Hosting someone like Weir confers legitimacy on those spreading hate speech and anti-Jewish libels and violates universal principles of equality and inclusiveness. This undermines the prestige and reputation of the Unitarian Church in our community.

The letter goes onto state that while ICUC-ME does not want the invitation to Weir to be rescinded, they do call on the church to “publicly repudiate this speaker and to reach out and repair the hurt and rebuild the trust that is breached by hosting Weir.�

This isn’t the first time a church in the UUA has promoted anti-Israel propaganda. Rev. Tim Kutzmark, a pastor at a UUA church in Reading, Mass., promoted anti-Israel propaganda from his pulpit a few years back.

Posted by dvz at May 13, 2015 02:47 PM


Alison Weir also promoted a blood libel claiming Israel was harvesting the organs of Palestinians.
Adam Holland wrote an article rebuking all of Alison Weir's lies about this.
The fact the Unitarian church would have this lying racist Weir speak, shows how foolish they are.
Here's the Adam Holland article.

Posted by: Lisa Epstein at May 14, 2015 03:08 AM

Honest Reporting posted a Haaretz article that warns Israel's future could be lost on American Campuses. The Ithaca campus is decidedly different than the brainwashing academies of the NYSU system. Or other radical strongholds of the past and present like Binghamton U and Cornell. that have strong ties with "community" organizing aka student activism.
In Universities of higher learning that still places more emphasis on dialogue instead of building reality from a slogan or the lefts propaganda a left that today is heavily influenced by the politics of sharia law and Islam. in particular the former leftists centers that were advocates of the Soviets to a fault now fight American values by allying themselves irrationally with Islam.
Hence those centers of "learning" sic, will never endorse dialogue and without dialogue there can be no two state solution Obama fallaciously claims he is advocating.
some of the students might believe that their support of Palestinians is a humane act because they have been lied to, they believe that Obama Kerry are advancing a two state state solution, they are not.
Settlements in Jerusalem would stop if the Palestinians would simply get on and make the best of their opportunities to create a state. Building houses instead of buying rockets and other weapons and creating businesses instead of assault tunnels.
Israel's technical advancements are turned on their head by Obama's claims that Israel is dependent on the USA and omits the importance Israel has played in advancing American systems,
with political adroitness and at times withholding tactical arms like Hellfire missiles while benefiting from Israel's advance systems like the Iron Dome and anti ballistic missile defenses.
Meanwhile Obama holds up deliveries of weapons to our "allies" like Egypt when ever they would be used in crisis to attack Islamic radicals and chooses to arm Al-Qaeda's and others with ties and major supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood like Qatar.
American Universities used to lead the way in questioning authority but that is long revealed as a myth and simply a slogan for radicals who oppose American leadership and Israel's existence.

Posted by: Anonymous at May 18, 2015 08:57 AM

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