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November 19, 2014

CBS This Morning Flubs Important Detail About Synagogue Attack

CBS This Morning flubbed an important detail about yesterday’s attack at a synagogue attack that left five people dead. In the introduction to a correspondent’s report about the attack, CBS journalist Norah O’Donnell reported that “It happened at a contested religious site in Jerusalem.?

The Kehilat Yaakov Synagogue where the attack took place is no such thing. The Har Nof neighborhood where the synagogue is located is in the western part of Jerusalem. It is not a "contested religious site."

Update: CBS News has removed the video in question.

Posted by dvz at November 19, 2014 02:22 PM



Posted by: Robert Feldman at November 20, 2014 03:52 PM

why are CNN acting as an apologist for the Muslim terrorists who attack and kill people praying quietly in synagogue and an Arab Druse Israeli policeman who came to help the victims who also got killed? Why are your staff not impartial and only care if a Muslim dies? The media will be responsible when WW3 occurs as you fan the fires of hatred.

Shame on you!

Posted by: Jeanette Jonas at November 21, 2014 06:35 PM

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