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September 10, 2014

Where's the Coverage? Human Rights Expert: "U.N. Leading Global Purveyor of Antisemitism"


The World Zionist Organization reports that, during Operation Protective Edge in July, there was a nearly 400 percent increase in antisemitic incidents over the same period the previous year. As the Times of Israel reports:

During July 2014, Europe saw a 436% increase, while the US saw a 130% rise. There was a 1,200% increase in anti-Semitic acts in South America and a 600% rise in South Africa, according to the organization.

So a conference on the explosion in global antisemitism at the United Nations would be entirely appropriate. And Monday, September 8, there was one. However, not surprisingly to anyone familiar with the workings of the international body, it was not sponsored by the U.N. Instead, hundreds gathered at a meeting, “Global Anti-Semitism: A Threat to International Peace and Security,� organized by the Eng Aja Eze Foundation and hosted by the Permanent Mission of Palau to the U.N. Yes, Palau!

When panelist Anne Bayefsky, director of the Touro Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust and president of Human Rights Voices, spoke, she mined the irony of the U.N’s relationship with global antisemitism:

The U.N. is not having a conference on the threat that global antisemitism poses to international peace and security. This is lunch-time. The courageous organizer, assisted by the principled representative of the small state of Palau, is independent of the U.N. The facilities are not free.

But why couldn’t the U.N., founded on the ashes of the Jewish people, and presently witnessing a widespread resurgence in antisemitism, sponsor a conference on combating global antisemitism? The answer is clear: because the United Nations itself is the leading global purveyor of antisemitism.

Photo ops of the U.N. Secretary General and the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights at the gates of Auschwitz are not an alibi. One does not honor the memory of Jews murdered by intolerance six decades ago by inciting murderous intolerance towards the remnant of the Jewish people in the here and now.

Incitement to hate, like declaring Israel to be racist, as does the U.N. Durbin declaration, the flagship of the UN racist anti-racism program of action.

In theory the U.N. charter demands equality both of individual men and women, and of nations large and small. In reality, the U.N. mass-produces inequality for Jews and the Jewish nation.

Thirty-five percent of all resolutions and decisions ever adopted by the U.N.’s top human rights body, the Human Rights Council, that are critical of the rights records of specific states, condemn one state: Israel. That’s antisemitism.

Fifty percent. Fifty percent of the emergency special sessions of the general assembly over six decades were convened to denounce Israel. No emergency special session has been called on any other state in over thirty years. That’s antisemitism.

The human rights council has a fixed agenda with one item to condemn Israel at every session, and one item to consider the other 192 U.N. member states, if required. That’s antisemitism.

Seventy percent of all the 2013 General Assembly resolutions criticizing specific countries for human rights abuses were about Israel. That’s antisemitsm.


Modern antisemitism targets Israel’s exercise of the right of self-defense because self-defense is the essence of sovereignty. Demonize and delegitimize self-defense, the plan is, and the viability of the Jewish state will be degraded.


Today, U.N. antisemitism has taken yet one more treacherous turn. The U.N. has launched a legal pogrom against the Jewish state. Hired guns posing as independent arbiters, like William Schabas, are appointed to discover what they’ve already found: guilty. Phony legal rules misinterpret proportionality to favor a more even number of dead Israelis. The Iron Dome worked too well. And the International Criminal Court is poised to pounce.

Serious about “never again�? Then never forget that the perversion of the legal system is how genocide begins. A legal pogrom serves as a license to kill.

The U.N. is not having a conference about combating antisemitism but we are. So let us start, let us start by combating the legal henchmen and human rights imposters at the United Nations.

While this speech and the conference were reported by some bloggers and some in the specialty, Jewish and Israeli media, major news outlets ignored both. As incidents of global antisemitism skyrocket and as the United Nations gears up to run Israel through another gauntlet of phony investigations and kangaroo courts, the conference was certainly newsworthy. And yet… Where’s the coverage?

Watch Anne Bayefsky deliver her entire speech:

Posted by SC at September 10, 2014 02:31 PM


I praise God and applaud this wonderful Lady, Anne Bayefsky. May she be safe from all harm and continue to speak out unhindered for a long long time. May her words sting the hearts of any antisemitists. so that they are hurt so much and for so long that they suffer till they repent their ways. May they be forced by God to change or perish for their own hatred of "The apple of God's eye", "His People", "His Bride". Shalom

Posted by: Dr. Colin D. Locke at September 11, 2014 06:18 PM

enough anti-Semitic propoganda

Posted by: Morton Bramson at September 18, 2014 04:05 PM

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