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September 02, 2014

Revealing the Truth About the Gaza Conflict Piece By Piece


The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center [ITC] continues the arduous task of exposing the facts about who was killed in the Gaza Strip during the most recent escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas.

An analysis so far found that 273 of 600 names evaluated whose status could be identified (out of 667 names looked at) were terrorist operatives. That amounts to 46 percent or nearly half of the fatalities. The Center's investigators continue to investigate the remaining fatalities. There is every reason to expect the completed evaluation will show a similar breakdown of combatants to non-combatants. The ITC analysis published photographs showing terrorist groups claiming credit for a slain operative. Not surprisingly, most of the male fatalities aged 18-30 are identified as members of terrorist groups, providing validation for the age demographic study by CAMERA and others that cast doubt on excessive civilian fatality claims offered by Palestinian and UN organizations and repeated as fact by the media.

If one accounts for civilian fatalities resulting from misfired Hamas rockets, executions of "collaborators" by Hamas and those persuaded or forced to act as human shields, it is already evident that the media improperly served the purposes of Hamas propaganda by promoting the perception of indiscriminate Israeli fire. Rather than repeating the mantra-like statement that the majority of the fatalities resulting from Israeli bombardment were civilians, it is increasingly apparent that civilian fatalities resulting from Israeli fire, separate from circumstances involving human shields, make up a minority of the total number of fatalities.

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