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March 12, 2014

Where's the Coverage? "Jews Have Not Taken Anything by Force"


In 1936, a national leader wrote a letter. This is an excerpt:

…The situation of the Jews in Palestine being the strongest and most concrete proof of the importance of the religious problem among the Muslim Arabs toward anyone who does not belong to Islam. Those good Jews, who have brought to the Muslim Arabs civilization and peace, and have spread wealth and prosperity to the land of Palestine, have not hurt anyone and have not taken anything by force, and nevertheless the Muslims have declared holy war against them and have not hesitated to slaughter their children and their women despite the fact that England is in Palestine and France is in Syria. Therefore a black future awaits the Jews and the other minorities if the Mandate is cancelled and Muslim Syria is unified with Muslim Palestine. This union is the ultimate goal of the Muslim Arabs…

Who wrote this?

Suleiman Assad, the grandfather of Syria’s dictator Bashir al Assad, father of the previous dictator Hafez al Assad.

He and other Alawite leaders wrote to the Foreign Minister of France, asking the French not to end the mandate of Syria because they feared being massacred as a religious minority.

The letter sits today in the French Foreign Ministry.


Posted by SC at March 12, 2014 06:31 PM


Once upon a time ...

Posted by: Alana at March 13, 2014 07:17 PM

Thank you for this interesting glimpse into the past.

Posted by: Erica Lann-Clark at March 13, 2014 10:38 PM

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