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March 25, 2014

Jimmy Carter, History and the Jewish State

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Former President Jimmy Carter is apparently confused about the Israeli demand for Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish state. And the historical record seems to elude him as well. The Associated Press reports on an interview with President Carter:

Various Israeli politicians have been declaring the “two-state�? solution of a separate Palestinian and Israeli nations dead, and many are demanding that the Palestinians and Arabs formally recognize Israel as a Jewish state in order to discuss the Palestinian issue.

“I don’t see how the Palestinians or the Arab world can accept that premise, that Israel is an exclusively Jewish state,�? Carter said.

This has never been put forward in any of the negotiations in which I was involved as president, or any president, before (Benjamin) Netanyahu became prime minister this time. And now it has been put into the forefront of consideration,�? he added.

About a fourth of Israel’s people are Arab or other non-Jewish citizens.

“Israel can claim ‘We are a Jewish state.’ I don’t think the Arab countries will contradict that Jewish statement. But to force the Arab people to say that all the Arab people that they have in Israel have to be Jews, I think that’s going too far,�? Carter said.

Both President Clinton and President George W. Bush have encountered the Israeli demand for Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state put forward by the administrations of three Israeli prime ministers prior to Netanyahu.

First, a few days ago, American negotiator Dennis Ross noted that the Israeli demand for Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish state came up during and immediately following the Camp David negotiations. Later, in 2003, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon listed Palestinian recognition of the Jewish state as his sixth reservation to President Bush's Mideast "road map." Finally, during the Annapolis talks in 2007 under Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, the Israelis again raised the issue with President Bush.

Likewise, the presumption that recognition of Israel as the Jewish state is tantamount to an "exclusively Jewish state" is equally baseless.

Posted by TS at March 25, 2014 07:48 AM


Netanyahu should have a press conference, to speak in admiration of the the draft Palestinian Constitution (2003) -

He should declare his recognition of that document's principles, particularly as stated in Article 4: "Islam is the official religion in Palestine" and "The principles of Islamic Shari’a shall be the main source of legislation [in Palestine]." [* ].

And he should respectfully ask for the same recognition in return.

Posted by: Matt at March 25, 2014 10:12 AM

The Arab premises of their vicious innuendoes about a "Jewish state" being an "exclusively Jewish" State arise from the psychology of people judging others by themselves or their former experiences. This is usually summed up in the traditional comment, "Needs one to know one."
It is painfully clear that the Arabs of 1948 wanted to "ethnically cleanse" Palestine of Jews - the Yishuv - whether in Mandate time riots or their border reiving 1949 - '67. Abbas and the other founders of the PLO are Arabs of 1948 and Abbas has been near as yelling that any future Arab state of or in Palestine will be judenrein in that it will have no Jewish residents nor citizens.

Posted by: Frank Adam at March 27, 2014 10:38 AM

Even as a psychoanalyst, I cannot understand why Jimmy Carter progressively becomes more and more of a virulent anti-semite bent upon the destruction of Israel.

Posted by: Doug Finestone at March 30, 2014 07:48 PM

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