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February 26, 2014

Where's the Coverage? The Truth about "Israel Apartheid Week"


On a number of college campuses, this week is “Israel Apartheid Week,� a week where anti-Israel activists try to fool students into believing Israel systematically and legally oppresses minorities. This is a particularly ironic accusation since Freedom House, an independent watchdog group dedicated to the expansion of freedom around the world, has rated Israel as the only free country in the Middle East.

If these activists were concerned with human rights, they would be sponsoring North Korea Apartheid Week, Iran Apartheid Week or Syria Kill-Over-One-Hundred-and-Forty-Thousand-Civilians Week. Activists could be marching against Saudi Arabia, where violations of human rights laws are enshrined in the Kingdom’s legal code, including the systemic discrimination against women and minorities, where citizens are subject to arbitrary arrest and detention, denial of fair and public trials, torture and abuse, restrictions on freedoms of speech, assembly, association, movement, severe restrictions on religious freedom, and where homosexual activity is punishable by flogging or death by stoning.

Want to see who is behind “Israel Apartheid Week�? Here are a few of the culprits:

Many of the “Israel Apartheid Week� organizers are part of the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement, aimed not at ending human rights violations, but at damaging Israel. As CAMERA reported:

This is the reality behind BDS: the BDS movement is simply a smokescreen for the delegitimization of Israel and an effort to undermine the self-determination of the Jewish people. As BDS proponent Ahmend Moor said, “Ending the occupation doesn't mean anything if it doesn't mean upending the Jewish state itself.�

How is BDS doing? Well, as of now, 250 university presidents or chancellors have publicly rejected an academic boycott of Israel and the list is growing. Even students are starting to wise up. The UCLA student council just defeated a symbolic anti-Israel divestment resolution. But some of them are still fooled. The blog Legal Insurrection posted a video of one of the resolution organizers reacting to its defeat. She did not take it well. (Be aware, she uses some profanity.):

But as to the truth about so-called “Israel Apartheid Week�… In the mainstream media… Where’s the coverage?

Posted by SC at February 26, 2014 09:19 PM


Why doesn't the main stream media cover "Israel Apartheid Week" and confront the leaders with the question: Why don't they have Iran Apartheid week, Syria Apartheid Week, Saudi Arabia Apartheid week, North Korea Apartheid week.

Why don't they boycott all those countries?

Main stream media is ignoring this blatant hatred, venum, anti-semitism, .

Israel is the only nation maligned and boycotted.

They tell lies, rewrite history and no one calls them on it.

Why doesn't the president speak up about it? He spoke up about one boy killed because of race.

Here is a whole state, Israel, boycotted because people who don't know history believe the lies told during Israel Apartheid week.

We should all speak up, every American, individual, leaders, newsmen, reporters, college leaders and professors, everyone.

This is NOT what freedom of speech was meant to be, to allow lies to be spread as truth.

Our colleges should not allow these people to come without demanding that they do not spread hate and tell lies.

Posted by: Natalie Baff at February 27, 2014 04:58 PM

I saw the most amazing video on JLTV today - it was from an Israel Broadcasting news broadcast which is aired every day on JLTV, from 4 to 4:30 p.m. I get Time Warner Cable, and this is station 177 on it.

The video was of a South African former victim of apartheid, detailing the many, many differences between what he and his fellows suffered from apartheid policies in South Africa, and what people suffer or experience in Israel.

He gives examples, and even says that at least one Palestinian told him - when they were in the hospital together (NOT apartheid conditions!) - that whoever is calling conditions in Israel "apartheid" are just "politicians" and that they aren't telling the truth.

I think this short video was on the Wednesday, 2/26/14 newscast from IBA - it's on JLTV World News (channel 177 on Time Warner Cable). It's a real gem. Perhaps you could get ahold of it and publicize it ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!

If I can help, please contact me! And thanks for all that you do.

Posted by: Debra Michels at February 27, 2014 09:57 PM

There is an innovative way to tell the world I OPPOSE ISRAEL APARTHEID WEEK BECAUSE: at Facebook on the #RETHINK2014 page ">

If you're ready to rethink Israel this year, all you have to do is print out the cover photo on the Facebook page, give your opinion and take a photo of yourself with it. Then Private Message the page to submit, and have your opinion spread it round the globe!

If not a Facebook member (essential for Israel advocates I think) Five Minutes for Israel has complete details. ">

Posted by: David Guy at February 28, 2014 07:02 AM


Because, that sentence still promote the words "oppose Israel apartheid." It's a badly written phrase.

Posted by: Uh at February 28, 2014 03:02 PM

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