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December 30, 2013

There's the Coverage! WSJ Reports on Christians in Israel


On October 9, CAMERA asked, “Where’s the Coverage? Israeli Christians Declare ‘the State of Israel is Our Heart.’? Over the weekend, we got an answer. The Wall Street Journal reported on “Israel’s Christian Awakening?:

Now, an informal grass-roots movement, prompted in part by the persecution of Christians elsewhere in the region since the Arab Spring, wants to cooperate more closely with Israeli Jewish society—which could mean a historic change in attitude toward the Jewish state. “Israel is my country, and I want to defend it,? says Henry Zaher, an 18-year-old Christian from the village of Reineh who was visiting Nazareth. “The Jewish state is good for us.?

The Journal quotes Shadi Khaloul, an Israeli Christian who served as a paratrooper in the IDF, and Rev. Gabriel Naddaf, a Greek Orthodox priest, both quoted in the CAMERA blog post. Rev. Naddaf tells The Journal:

Israel is my country… We enjoy the Israeli democracy and have to respect it and fight for it.


Israel takes care of us, and if not Israel, who will defend us? We love this country…

CAMERA commends The Wall Street Journal for being the first among prominent news media outlets to report on this important development.

Christmas in Nazareth, Israel, 2013

Posted by SC at December 30, 2013 09:06 AM


I wouldn’t commend the WSJ too much. In two places, this journalist has twisted positive news into a negative report. Firstly, he writes "the familiar rhythms of Christmas season in the Holy Land have been DISTURBED by a new development". Why use the world “disturbed?? It is almost if he is saying it is “disturbing news?.

Then he misleads readers by obscuring the fact that Israel is the only country in the Middle East where the Christian population is increasing. How? By comparing PERCENTAGES today to that of 1950 - before Israel re-settled all the Jewish refugees from Yemen, and other Arab countries from where they were expelled.

Then I read the byline, which explained the negativity.
"Mr. Schwartz is a former staff writer and senior editor for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz"

For real positive news, please read my weekly newsletter at

Happy 2014.

Posted by: Michael Ordman at January 1, 2014 09:08 AM

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