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November 15, 2013

UN Interpreter Caught Telling the Truth on Hot Mic


The United Nations Headquarters

The Atlantic’s Wire blog just reported:

A United Nations interpreter didn't realize her microphone was on whilst being candid with her colleagues on Thursday night during a General Assembly meeting. The slip came as the body was adopting nine resolutions condemning Israel, and none addressing issues in other countries.

The interpreter can be heard saying, at 1:58 into the video of the vote uploaded by UN Watch:

I mean, I think when you have five statements, not five like a total of ten resolutions on Israel and Palestine, there’s got to be something… C’est un peu trop, no? [It’s a bit much, no?] I mean I know it’s… yes… yes… it’s [inaudible] but it’s not the only… There’s other really bad sh*t happening. Nobody says anything about the other stuff.

The delegates laugh, including the Chair who can plainly be seen on the video smiling and laughing. The interpreter apologizes and the Secretary then says, "I understand there was a problem with interpretation."

Yes. At the United Nations, the truth is indeed a “problem.?

Watch for yourself:

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