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October 07, 2013

Ha'aretz Errs on Facebook, Too

In May 2012, Ha'aretz publisher Amos Schocken boasted the launch of a "new era," "our new, multi-platform digital subscriptions" with "seamless integration with social networks."

Schocken spoke of "a significant enhancement of its online content, especially in English." But make no mistake: While the quantity of the online content may have been enhanced, the accuracy was not.

Ha'aretz's Facebook page currently features the following item with the heading "Women of the Wall compromise and agree in principle to move from Jerusalem's Old City to a new egalitarian space":

fb wow old city.jpg

The Women of the Wall will agree to a compromise which will remove their monthly prayer group from the Old City? Hardly. As the hyperlinked article explains, the compromise would mean that the prayer group would be held "on the other side of the Mughrabi Bridge." In other words, according to the plan, the group would move southward along the Western Wall some 30 meters and pray in the area of Robinson's Arch and the southern excavations, a site rich in archeological treasures and well within the Old City, as any visitor can plainly see.

But don't take our word for it. Check out this Ha'aretz graphic, which was published along with an article by Nir Hasson's about the potentially problematic aspect of placing a prayer platform in an archeological site:

western wall plaza robinson arch large.jpg

In his 2012 letter to readers, Schocken maintained that "Haaretz has an important role to play . . . .in promoting greater understanding between Israel and the Jewish Diaspora."

The Women of the Wall issue is of great concern for large numbers of Diaspora Jewry, many of whom have never visited Jerusalem and don't have a clue where the Mugrabi Gate and Robinson's Arch are in relation to the Kotel prayer plaza. When Ha'aretz's Facebook page falsely states that the group is agreeing to exile outside of the Old City, how exactly is "greater understanding" achieved?

(Hat tip: Judge Dan)

Update: (7:24 AM EST) Shortly after CAMERA contacted an editor concerning the editor, the post was removed from Ha'aretz's Facebook timeline.

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