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September 17, 2013

AFP Didn't Get Islamic Jihad Memo

Apparently, news wire service Agence France-Presse (AFP) didn't get the Islamic Jihad memo. According to numerous media outlets, including the BBC, Ha'aretz and Reuters, Islamic Jihad issued a statement this morning mourning the loss of its member, Islam al-Tubasi, who was mortally shot today in an Israeli army raid in the Jenin refugee camp.

While all of these media outlets had no trouble establishing al-Tubasi's membership in Islamic Jihad, AFP wasn't so sure. It reported:

The [Palestinian security] sources had no information on whether he was engaged in militant activity but said that his brother, who had been active in Islamic Jihad, was shot dead by troops in 2006.

Even if Islamic Jihad inadvertently omitted AFP from its mailing list, the terror group made al-Tubasi's membership known on its Web site.

PIJ Tubasi.jpg
A screen shot from the Islamic Jihad home page, which features a photo of al-Tubasi's funeral and calls him "one [of] Islamic Jihad militants in Jenin refugee camp" (Google translate)

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