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June 03, 2013

Iran Agent Morris Habitually Indulged by C-SPAN

James Morris reporting for Iran’s state-run Press TV

Iran's Press TV spews anti-American propaganda directed by the country's fanatical Islamist leaders. To them, America remains "the great satan," and Israel, which they vow to annihilate, the "little satan." James Morris’ involvement with Press TV includes these reports which can be viewed here and here.

C-SPAN’s daily three-hour call-in show Washington Journal almost always has the welcome mat out for anti-Israel, antisemitic polemist James Morris (not to be confused with the famous opera singer of the same name). CAMERA has been tracking Morris’ 65 C-SPAN phone-ins since his Dec. 13, 2008 call in which he accuses Chabad Lubavitch, an utterly non-aggressive, Orthodox Jewish movement, of a blood libel and implies that the terrorist murders – the victims were tortured first – of six people in 2008 at the Mumbai Chabad Center was justified; falsely alleges that Israel oppressed Palestinian Arabs; and blames the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on U.S. support of Israel, when bin Laden’s primary objective has been expulsion of the United States and the West from Arab lands; and praises Iran’s Press TV. C-SPAN's host and guest ignored all this (Washington Journal hosts almost always indulge Morris, allowing him to exceed the "one-call-per-30-days" rule and ignoring his occasional and obvious fake accents).

Morris’ most recent (May 27, 2013) phone-in, giving his name as “Tony,? occurred during a segment whose topic was “Employment for returning veterans.? In it he freely defamed Israel and U.S. Senator John McCain (Ariz.), former Republican Party nominee for the presidency.

Among Morris’ calls propagandizing for Iran’s leaders (which include defamation of America and Israel) are those from Sep. 19, 2012; Aug. 11, 2012; Mar. 9, 2012; and Jan. 10, 2012 that can be viewed here, here, here, and here.

C-SPAN’s Co-CEOs are Susan Swain ( and Rob Kennedy ( C-SPAN can be contacted at 202-737-3220, 877-662-7726,,,,

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