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April 30, 2013

New Documentary Highlights NY Times' Holocaust Coverage

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Emily Harrold, a 22-year-old filmmaker, has produced an 18-minute documentary about the New York Times' failure to adequately cover the Holocaust. Inspired by Laurel Leff's book Buried by the Times: The Holocaust and America's Most Important Newspaper, Reporting on The Times: The NY Times and the Holocaust was just screened at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival as well as the Nashville Film Festival.

The executive summary of CAMERA's 2012 monograph, Indicting Israel: New York Times Coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict notes Leff's findings that, in the words of publisher Arthur Hayes Sulzberger, the paper "went to great lengths to avoid having been branded a 'Jewish newspaper.'" CAMERA continues: "The same mind-set continued to shape the news years later," citing the paper's reframing of the 1991 African-American violence against Jews in Crown Heights, as well as downplaying and distorting Palestinian violence against Israel, both in 2002 as well as in 2011, when CAMERA carried out studies.

(Hat tip: NDW)

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