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April 08, 2013

Abbas Continues to Impose Preconditions for Negotiating with Israel


Ma'an News Agency and the Jerusalem Post report that during the current talks with US Secretary of State Kerry, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is still demanding preconditions to joining Israel for negotiations. Despite US President Obama's urging Abbas to drop his preconditions, the PA continues to make negotiations contingent on Israeli acquiescence to prior demands, including:

a) halting all construction and renovation within the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem
b) immediately releasiing Palestinian prisoners held in Israel
c) submitting a map of the final borders
d) turning over parts of Area C, currently under Israeli security and civil control, to Palestinians
e) promising never to withhold Palestinian tax revenues for any reason in the future

According to Ma'an News Agency, the latter two conditions are "incentives" offered by US Secretary of State Kerry to the Palestinian leader to encourage him " to return to direct negotiations with Israel."

As President Obama stated during his recent visit to the region in March, "If the expectation is that we can only have direct negotiations when everything is settled ahead of time, then there is no point for negotiations..."

Indeed, with all the demands made of Israel prior to negotiating with Israel, what is left to negotiate? And will anyone in the mainstream take note?

Posted by RH at April 8, 2013 12:46 AM


I'm amazed at Abbas' arrogance. Pre-conditions? He acts like the Palestinians won all the wars. In the meantime, he has done little to prepare his people for peace. Naming public squares and children's sporting events after suicide bombers is not a roadmap to peace. Abbas is merely another Palestinian leader who will go to his grave with no deal in place for his people.

Posted by: Gary Katz at April 12, 2013 09:24 AM

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