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February 05, 2013

Novelist Explores Media Bias in American Thinker Op-Ed


Noah Beck, author of “The Last Israelis,” a military thriller about the Iranian nuclear threat, recently posted an article in American Thinker, “Mali Reveals the Media's Gaza Bias.” In it, Beck compares press coverage of Mali and Gaza:

France can launch military attacks about 2,000 miles south of its border in response to an Islamist threat that endangers nobody in France, but Israel is vilified if it responds militarily to deadly rocket attacks targeting its civilians from two miles to its south.


So why is Palestinian victimhood prioritized? And if Hamas is similar to [Mali Islamist group] Ansar Dine, why does it get a pass?

Some might argue that – unlike Ansar Dine – Hamas represents its subjects. But Hamas represents only the power of its guns and its Iranian patron. Another argument: Mali's government and people wanted French help in ousting the Islamists. But Hamas would never seek assistance in dethroning itself and who knows what Gazans want when they're brutalized for speaking against Hamas?

Unfortunately, the media's double standard has a simple explanation: anti-Israel bias.

CAMERA knows a thing or two about the subject. Anti-Israel media bias on the pages of The New York Times is the subject of a new CAMERA monograph, “Indicting Israel: New York Times Coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict.”

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