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January 01, 2013

IHT Closes Out 2012 With Erroneous Headline

The International Herald Tribune closed out 2012 with the following erroneous page-four headline yesterday:

iht dec 31 12 gaza headline error.jpg

Actually, in the last three years, tens of thousands of trucks carrying construction material earmarked for projects implemented by international aid organizations have crossed from Israel to the Gaza Strip. For instance, in 2011, more than 10,000 trucks containing construction materials crossed from Israel to Gaza through Kerem Shalom: 102 trucks with infrastructure systems (piping, etc); 382 trucks with iron, 1,629 trucks with cement, and 8,782 trucks with aggregates.

As the accompanying article correctly noted,

For the first time in five years, Israel on Sunday allowed truckloads of building materials into Gaza for use by the private sector, according to Israeli and Palestinian officials. . . .

Israel has strictly controlled the entry of building materials, limiting them in recent years to internationally supervised projects.

(A similar but longer version of the article which appeared in yesterday's IHT print edition is available here.) May 2013 be a year in which headlines accurately reflect the correct information contained within the accompanying article.

Jan. 2 Update: AP corrects the identical error. Will the IHT now correct?

Jan. 3 Update: IHT Corrects Erroneous Headline

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