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October 28, 2012

Yemini Takes Down Ha'aretz 'Apartheid' Poll

Journalist Ben-Dror Yemini

Writing in Times of Israel, Ma'ariv's Ben-Dror Yemini has a terrific piece take down of Gideon Levy and his editors for the recent distorted coverage of a poll which Levy says proves Israelis favor apartheid.

Beyond reiterating many of the points raised by the CAMERA/Presspectiva analysis concerning Levy's manipulation of the statistics (and Yemini cites Presspectiva), he also points to a number of recent surveys whose results contradict those which Levy alleged appeared in the September Dialog poll. Yemini writes:

A survey conducted by the “SIKUY” association, which no one can accuse of harboring any right-wing inclinations, found that “60% of [Israeli] Jews believe that promoting the equality of Arab citizens is in the interest of the state.” Sixty percent! In addition, the survey found that “53% of the Jewish population in Israel is bothered by the inequality of Israeli Arabs,” and that “40% of Jews are willing to pay a personal price in order to achieve the goal of civil equality in Israel.” Indeed, a personal price for equality, for a sense of partnership.

This survey was more comprehensive and thorough than the survey ordered by a political organization that probably marked its goal on advance.

The other leftistsA survey conducted by the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies just last year found that 48% of the Jews in Israel support (vs. 43% who oppose) a “package deal,” including a mobilization of citizenry and government, to improve the situation of the Israeli Arabs within the framework of “inclusive citizenship.” But this survey received no front-page headlines.

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