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October 22, 2012

Will They Be Punished?

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Mohammad Salim Al-Awa has accused Coptic Churches in Egypt of storing weapons and preparing for war against Egypt's Muslim majority.

Michael Armanious, who blogs at The New Egypt, has detailed how three Egyptians -- Muhammad Salim Al- Awa, Salafist Mohammed Hassa, and TV broadcaster Rasha Magdy -- have helped undermine the safety of the Coptic Christians in their homeland. He did this in a blog post about efforts to memorialize the deaths of two dozen Coptic Christians in Maspero Oct. 9, 2011. Armanious reports:

The Maspero Massacre did not take place in a vacuum. It was preceded by an ongoing campaign of anti-Christian incitement perpetrated by Egyptian elites of all stripes. In the months and weeks prior to the massacre, religious and political leaders and journalists spewed invective clearly intended to cause violence against Copts in their homeland.

Many of these acts of incitement have been ignored or swept under the carpet, but they are not forgotten. We must remember and document these acts of incitement in order to keep faith with the victims of the Maspero Massacre.

Armanious suggests that someday, “Al-Awa, Hassan, Magdy and many, many others may have to answer for their acts of incitement.”

There is precedent.

In the aftermath of the genocide in Rwanda, pop-singer Simon Bikindi was sentenced for 15 years imprisonment for his role in generating hostility toward Tutsis in that country. Apparently, Bikindi “used a speaker on his car to broadcast messages asking the majority Hutu to rise up and kill Tutsis in June 1994. On a second drive along the same road, Bikindi asked if people had been killing the ‘snakes.’

While Al-Awa, Hassan and Magdy did not directly call for the murder of Coptic Christians in their homeland, they did create an environment where such murders were inevitable.

If Bikindi can be punished for what he did in Rwanda, there are many Muslim extremists who should be punished for what they have done to the Copts in Egypt.

Read the whole thing.

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