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October 21, 2012

Ha'aretz Finds Another False Pretext for 'Apartheid' Smear


Franklin Lamb, right, poses with child murderer Samir Kuntar. Lamb's bogus intelligence report is the basis of Ha'aretz's heading "U.S. intel cries 'apartheid'"

Last week we described how Ha'aretz's Akiva Eldar manipulated an erroneous, unsubstantiated figure and falsely attributed it to the Israeli government in order to make the charge that even the government has acknowledged that - in the words of the online subheadline - "apartheid is here." As we wrote:

Why did Eldar invest so much effort into manipulating this data? The answer appears in the online subheadline, which posits that even the Israeli government acknowledges that "apartheid is here." Appealing to the most rabid anti-Israel activists, Ha'aretz pulls the "apartheid" genie out of the bottle, all by relying on an incorrect, unsubstantiated figure falsely attributed to the government. Ha'aretz knows precisely for whom they are writing overseas, and Eldar knows how to deliver.

We now realize that Ha'aretz pulled the same trick - accusing Israel of apartheid based on a falsely attributed source - twice in that single item! About half-way through the article, under the heading "U.S. intel cries 'apartheid,'" Eldar shifts gears somewhat, referring now to a different report (as opposed to the Finance Ministry memorandum he earlier cited). He writes:

The term "apartheid" features prominently in an article in the on-line magazine Foreign Policy Journal on a new "confidential report" prepared by 16 American intelligence agencies. Franklin Lamb reported from Beirut to the Foreign Policy Journal on the "confidential report, which he claims compares Israel to the apartheid regime in South Africa. The document, he says, warns that the Arab Spring and the Muslim awakening will encourage 1.2 billion Muslims to fight against what they refer to as "the immoral European occupation of Palestine." Lamb argues that the report accuses Israel of intervening in internal American affairs via 60 organizations and some 7,500 administration officials. The report, Lamb says, advises the United States to leave Israel alone as its existence sabotages the American interest in moving closer to the Arab world and the Iranian people.

Eldar, to his credit, then goes on to raise interesting details about Lamb's credibility:

A quick Google search reveals interesting details about Lamb; you can find him in friendly pose with the arch-terrorist Samir Kuntar. His profile states that he is a board member of the Sabra-Shatila Foundation, a volunteer with the Palestinian Civil Rights Campaign, a regular guest on talk shows of Hezbollah's Al-Manar station and a contributing writer to the Electronic Intifada site.

An article by Eldar's colleague Amir Oren in today's paper goes even further, calling the alleged intelligence report a fabrication. He states:

Not only was Lamb's secret study never conducted, it could not possibly exist. . .

If Eldar knew the "intelligence report" was bogus, why didn't he say so instead of dancing around the issue with interesting details about Lamb's background? Eldar was clever enough to be cautious; he used scare quotes referring to the "confidential report" and identified Lamb's claims as just that. But if Eldar had questions about Lamb's credibility, but didn't actually know that the so-called intelligence report was bogus, then why did he report it, instead of sitting on the story until he could verify it?

And why did Ha'aretz editors choose the following false heading when, in fact, no such intel exists?

The Jewish majority is history -apartheid subhead.jpg

Because, as we said, Ha'aretz seeks to appeal to the most rabid anti-Israel activists, and using the "apartheid" smear is a sure way to do that. No matter that the charges are based on falsely attributed reports (1) the Finanance Ministry and 2) a bogus intelligence report).

In his take-down of the Franklin Lamb article about the non-existent intelligence report, Ha'aretz's Amir Oren notes:

The story of the fall of mighty serious people (and others) into Lamb's snare exemplifies the difference between professional and amateur media, between those who are committed to verifying, checking and cross-checking information before publishing it and those who are content to recycle. If this difference is not enough to save traditional journalism, the kind that is liable no longer to exist a decade from now, it could serve as a draft for its eulogy.

Oren's condemnation of "mighty serious people (and others)" who fell "into Lamb's snare" might have been directed at his colleague Eldar as well as the Ha'aretz employee who wrote the false heading. Even if it wasn't, Eldar, a veteran Ha'aretz journalist, would do well to listen closely.

Update: Elder of Ziyon reveals Franklin Lamb's history of fabrication and crime.

Posted by TS at October 21, 2012 07:36 AM


Thank you Camera for posting this.
Franklin Lamb is a well known Islamo fascist supporter who supports the ethnic cleansing of all Israelis. The fact that Akiva Elder is using Lamb as a source shows what a radical nut job Elder is.

I also wanted to mention, Lamb is a big time supporter of Assad and denies his crimes against Syrians. Just read this article
Counterpunch’s Franklin Lamb Linked to Fascist ‘Voltaire Network’.

Here's 2 more articles Lamb wrote.
Israel will not collapse peacefully but it will dissolve: Dr. Franklin Lamb
April 19th 2011
Israelis Rush for Second Passports
June 2011

As you can see Lamb is obsessed with Israel being eliminated by Arab Fascists.
Lamb lies about everything.
First the Arabs are all colonialists from Saudi Arabia. Every country besides Saudi Arabia was never Arab before the 7th century. Mohammad's army invaded and colonialized the entire Mideast and North Africa in Mohammad's invasion.
2nd, Israel existed 15 centuries before Mohammad was born. Mohammad also ethnic cleansed all the Jews from Saudi Arabia.
3rd, its the Arabs who are about aparthied.
Arabs already have 22 countries, 1 in Palestine (80% of the region), the judenrein autocratic kingdom of Jordan, given by England to one family from Saudi Arabia. They also control
judenrein Gaza and most of Judea and Samaria, given to Egyptian terrorist Arafat
and his PLO. Fatah also wants a country free of Jews and to flood Israel with millions of violent Arabs. Fatah also has a death penalty to any Arab who sells land to a Jew.
Israel doesn't need another Arab terrorist country on its doorstep.
Another Arab countrY! Another Muslim Arab bloody dictatorship (like the Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Algeria, Libya. or medieval kingdom, another exporter of terrorism?
No, thank you.

Posted by: Ed Frias at October 22, 2012 07:42 AM

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