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September 24, 2012

Coptic American Reveals Egyptian Hypocrisy, Incitement

coptic funeral.jpg
The scene at a funeral for Coptic Christians killed in March 2011 (Screenshot of CNN video)

Michael Armanious, a Coptic Christian who now resides in the United States as an American citizen, reveals the hypocrisy behind the riots that took place in Cairo on Sept. 11 in his new blog, The New Egypt.

In his Sept. 20 entry, Armanious reports that, “While Islamists in Egypt demand that Westerners engage in self-censorship when speaking about the Prophet, they have been using the mass media in their country to vilify Americans – and Christians – on a grand scale.?

He provides some interesting details about how Dr. Hisham Qandil, Egypt's prime minister tried to shift the blame for the riots away from the protesters themselves.

Dr. Hisham Qandil, Egypt’s Prime Minister, said the protesters were paid to attack the U.S. Embassy. This was the same story used to explain the murder of Coptic Christians, and other activists, outside a television station in October 2011. Speaking with the BBC’s Arabic service on Sept. 15, Qandil said, “Egyptians, Arabs, Muslims - we need to reflect the true identity of Muslims, how peaceful they are, and talk to the Western media about the true heart of the Muslims, that they condemn violence.? In other words, the rioters, being peaceful Muslims, would not have attacked the embassy if it were not for the money.

Later that day, Hani Salah Eldin, a reporter form Youm 7, an Egyptian newspaper, and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood said exactly where the money came from. In a TV interview he reported that Zionists and Coptic Christians from outside Egypt paid young people to attack the Embassy. Eldin had made these assertions in a column published the day of the attacks.

Following Eldin’s Sept. 15 accusation, Islamist preacher Ibrahim Sheikh Ahmed Mahallawy issued a fatwa: Kill the emigrant Copts, and will you be rewarded. That fatwa is directed at me and my fellow Coptic Christians in the U.S. –your fellow citizens.

Armanious has written about events in Egypt here and here and here.

Posted by dvz at September 24, 2012 10:00 AM


Obama called for change and what he meant is to change the world to today's order. Obama handed Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia to the Islamist. He is working hard now on Syria to be also handed over to the Islamist. In return the Islamist opened the gates for leopards to roam on the Middle East now destroying everything.

When the leopards attacked the American consulate and killed the Ambassador in terrifying way, Hillary Clinton came out denying that the administration had no knowledge of any terror plans against the Ambassador and blamed everything on a homemade video that has been in the internet for more than a year not causing any problem.

Well, the diary of the ambassador Stevens that was seized by CNN from the crime scene has shown later that the Ambassador had complete knowledge of terror plans by Al Qaida and the like organization in Libya and had deep worries that the embassy was a target and that he was personally on the target list.

My questions to the Obama Administration:
1. Why did you use the YouTube clip that was old as an excuse for the terror attack?
2. Did the use of this video clip by the Obama administration promoted the popularity of the clip and caused more security problems to all American embassies around the world? Was it wise?
3. Why Hillary Clinton in her statement that the Obama administration had no knowledge of any terror plans on the American embassy when its ambassador has written about serious security problems and growing Islamists in Libya? Was she lying to cover up for poor Middle East policies that opened bags full of snakes?
Obama succeeded in making change but is the land better off now or are we dealing with the wild life with so many unleashed leopards?

Posted by: IloveEgypt at September 25, 2012 12:12 PM

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