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August 21, 2012

Karsh: "The War Against the Jews"


Professor Efraim Karsh

In a powerful essay in the July 2012 edition of Israel Affairs, Professor Efraim Karsh lays out the political landscape in which Israel today finds itself. The Jewish nation-state was reconstituted with the aim of putting the past behind, with all its irrational bigotries directed at the individual Jew, of creating normal inter-national relationships. But the world's "millenarian obsession" with the Jews has, in Karsh's unflinching review, continued. That obsession is reflected on the one hand in grossly unwarranted U.N. scrutiny and censure of Israel, in irrational linkages of Israel to Nazis and apartheid racism, and on the other in global indifference to the perpetrators of slaughter in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

He offers no answers to the onslaught, but his essay stands as a reminder that myopic media focus on everything Israel does and says -- as well as media bias and falsification of the realities -- are an enormous part of the problem.

Karsh's account, for instance, runs directly counter to the overarching message of New York Times coverage which is that, but for myriad Israeli shortcomings, the lambs would lie down with the lions.

Posted by AL at August 21, 2012 01:05 PM


Yesterday's LA Times carried Edmund Sanders' report on the beating of an Arab boy by some Israeli teenagers. While he did have to write that the perpetrators were under arrest, he of course ignored one factor that stirs what he called "bitter anger" on both sides: Israel treats this crime as what it is and will punish the punks. When Arabs beat or murder Jews, they are hailed as heroes by the "Palestinian" leaders and public. Streets get named after them. As usual, Mr. Sanders highlights whatever will put Israel in a bad light, but doesn't tell the whole story.
I wrote this in a letter to the Times. And of course they did not print it.

Posted by: Baruch Cohon at August 23, 2012 03:04 PM

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