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June 24, 2012

Ha'aretz, Lost in Translation, XV

In today's installment of Ha'aretz Lost in Translation, the English edition remakes an injured Hamas man into "an injured man."

The Hebrew and English editions both ran the same photo of a Hamas man injured yesterday in an Israeli air strike in the Gaza Strip, but only the Hebrew version indicates that he was a Hamas member. For some reason, the editors of Ha'aretz's English edition apparently believe that the fact that the injured man is a Hamas member, and not a civilian, is not relevant to their English-speaking, foreign readers.

Here's the Hebrew caption:

�?יש ביטחון פלסטיני שנפצע בתקיפת חיל ה�?וויר בעזה

Meaning (CAMERA's translation):

A member of the Palestinian security forces injured in an air force strike in Gaza

While the Hebrew edition does not explicitly state he is a Hamas member, Israeli readers understand that "security forces" in Gaza are Hamas.

haaretz gaza 24-6-12 smaller.jpg

Here's the whitewashed English caption:

Inset: Rescue personnel carrying an injured man to safety in Gaza City. (AP)

injured Hamas man photo caption ap small.jpg

The original AP caption was very clear about the man's Hamas affiliation, stating:

A wounded member of the Hamas security forces is carried to a car following an Israeli air strike on a Hamas security building in Gaza City, early Saturday, June 23, 2012. A Gaza health official reported that at least one militant was killed and more than a dozen wounded during Israeli air strikes Saturday on the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military says the airstrikes target Palestinian militants who have fired over 150 rockets at residential areas in southern Israel this week.(AP Photo/Yasser Qudih)

This wouldn't be the first time that Ha'aretz's English edition gave a Hamas man a civilian makeover.

Posted by TS at June 24, 2012 06:30 AM


Ha'aretz seems to have, once again, confused its position of being part of the "fifth estate" (the press) with being part of a "fifth column" (working within the country for the enemy).

This is Ha'aretz's stock and trade.

Years ago, didn't the editor or publisher of Ha'aretz state in an interview that all of the IDF were rapists? Was there proof of this? No.

Posted by: Stephen at June 27, 2012 07:53 AM

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