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April 04, 2012

Ha'aretz's Lousy Headline

Yet again, Ha'aretz provides an example of how its distorted coverage provides fodder to anti-Israel writers abroad. Yesterday Ha'aretz's Web site published the following headline:

Haaretz headline populated areas.jpg

This dismal headline implies that the Israeli army is seeking to upgrade means in which to harm civilian populations. Indeed, one must read the article itself several times to understand the new brigade's actual purpose: to increase precision of attacks on combatants so as to minimize harm to civilians. But the dismal online headline, coupled with the lack of clarity in the article itself, points falsely instead to IDF intentions to massacre, a notion that anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein jumps on.

One need only look at the English print edition for a straight-forward headline: "IDF plans to set up first short-range rocket battalion." Ha'aretz editors take note: an accurate subheadline would read: "New rockets would reduce casualties among non-combatants during strikes against terrorist targets in populated areas."

Posted by TS at April 4, 2012 07:45 AM


Time to sue these liars

Posted by: R. at April 9, 2012 12:37 PM

I don't get it - is it not possible to sue this sick newspaper once and for all?

Surely, some of the comments (which I won't repeat here) they allow to be shown are absolutely disgraceful.

I conducted a little test a short while ago: I tried posting on Haaretz using two different names. 5 posts with one name and 5 posts with the other. The first name I used was my own real name and I aired my views - all completely legal, no lies, no discrimination.
The Second name I used was an Arabic one, with all my posts being anti - Israel. I avoided using any fact of any kind and focused on the plight of the Palestinians, especially the really poor ones with only stones to defend themselves with...

I'll let you guess which comments were posted.

Posted by: Oniel at April 11, 2012 11:09 AM

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