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March 19, 2012

Where's the Coverage? Iranian Hunger Striker Freed


You’ve no doubt heard a lot about Khader Adnan, the Palestinian "baker" who is really a spokesman for and member of the terrorist group Islamic Jihad. He went on a hunger strike in protest of his military detention in Israel. Adnan will be released on April 17 unless "new additional substantial evidence" emerges against him. Today, a Google search for "Khader Adnan" turned up 2.1 million links. On Google news today, a search came up with 304 links.

Contrast the above with the case of Mehdi Khazali of Iran. Unlike Adnan, Mehdi Khazali is not a terrorist. He is a genuine human rights activist. An ophthalmologist by training, Khazali is an outspoken blogger and critic of the Iranian regime even though his father is a prominent hard-line Iranian Ayatollah. He was arrested on January 9 on charges that are unclear, beaten, his teeth shattered and his arm broken, according to the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. At that time, Khazali also began a hunger strike. According to his son, who saw him 49 days into the hunger strike:

When we saw him in the hospital, we couldn’t believe it was him. His weight loss was unbelievable; he was so thin. We are afraid something bad might happen to my father.

Khazali was apparently released on $180,000 bail last Friday, March 16, after approximately 70 days of hunger striking.

Yet, have you heard anything about Mehdi Khazali?

A Google search of "Mehdi Khazali" today turned up 48,300 links -- less than one fortieth of the results for Khader Adnan. On Google news, we only found 31 links -- a tenth of what was produced for Khader Adnan.

Furthermore, searching the New York Times website for Khader Adnan turned up 11 results in the Past 12 months. While a similar search for Mehdi Khazali produced zero results:

Your search - "Mehdi Khazali" - did not match any documents under Past 12 Months

Israel detains a known terrorist who goes on a hunger strike and it becomes a cause célèbre. Yet, when a legitimate human rights activist is arrested, beaten, and tortured by the Iranian regime and he goes on a hunger strike, the world is mum. Where’s the coverage? Where's the fairness?

Posted by SC at March 19, 2012 12:52 PM


Where was CODEPINK and Alice Walker when Khazali was being tortured by Iran? They were occupying AIPAC and sending love notes to Iran:

Why would they support a regime that has threatened Israel and America with nuclear annihilation instead of supporting an advocate for human rights? Because Arabs who work for peace and justice in the Middle East conflict with the agenda of demonizing Jews and destroying the Jewish state.

Posted by: Jewess at March 25, 2012 06:15 AM

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