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November 06, 2011

Levy, Not Only Hamas Prisoners Released

Levy prisoner release.jpg

Gideon Levy's shaky grip on the facts is well documented, and today's column in Ha'aretz brings another example. He writes:

Neither is there logic in Israel's Hamas-strengthening moves, from the continued siege of Gaza to the release only of Hamas prisoners. (Emphasis added.)

Presumably he is referring to the Shalit deal, in which mostly -- but not exclusively -- Hamas prisoners were released. Among the released Fatah prisoners are Ayman al-Far, Iyad Abiyat, and Chris al-Bandak. Ismail Musa Bahit represents the Popular Resistance Committee. From Palestinian Islamic Jihad are Abdel Hadi Ghanem and Tarek Hassin, among others.

Gideon Levy is free to dispute the logic of this or that aspect of the prisoner change; he is not free to invent his own facts to do so.

Posted by TS at November 6, 2011 05:49 AM


Gideon Levy is a proven liar.
Levy says in this article,
International recognition of a Palestinian state is the last chance to thwart a one-state solution. It's also the last chance to preserve the Palestinian Authority's strength and prevent Hamas from taking over instead. Israel should support that enthusiastically.
Wait a minute, Gideon Levy is well known for supporting the right of return and flooding Israel with millions of Arabs. Here's Levy in his own words.

2nd, Levy has wanted for years for Israel to appease and talk to Hamas. Levy doesn't care if Hamas fires thousands of missles at Israel and blows up buses, Disco's and Pizzerias.
3rd, we found out from Camera last week,
that Saeb Erekat confirmed Olmert had offered a final peace settlement that would include territorial concession equivalent to the entire West Bank and the division of Jerusalem.
The Palestinians also control 100% of Gaza.
So it proves what lies Levy has said over the years that Israel never offered the Pals a state.
The problem is Palestinian Rejectionism.
So why did the Palestinians not respond to Olmert's offer?
All you have to do is go to Palmediawatch and see the Palestinians genocidal media against Israel.
Why dont Levy see how the PA glorifys terrorists who massacre Israeli civilians, names streets after these terrorists and talk how Israel will be eliminated.
I guess talking about that dont fit Levy's radical lies.

Posted by: Dan Kelso at November 8, 2011 03:26 PM

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