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November 04, 2011

Mearsheimer and Falk Endorse Anti-Semite's Anti-Semitic Book


John Mearsheimer

Alan Dershowitz has thrown down the challenge to Professors John Mearsheimer (U Chicago) and Richard Falk (Princeton) to debate in public their decision to endorse the anti-Semitic ravings of Gilad Atzmon in his book The Wandering Who.

Writing in The New Republic, Dershowitz observes that the Mearsheimer/Falk endorsements, along with those of a number of other credentialed academics, is an ominous sign.

These endorsements represent a dangerous step toward legitimizing anti-Semitic rhetoric on university campuses. If respected professors endorse the views contained in Atzmon’s book as “brilliant,? “fascinating,? “absorbing,? and “moving,? these views—which include Jewish domination of the world, doubting the Holocaust, blaming “the Jews? for being so hated, and attributing the current economic troubles to a “Zio-punch?—risk becoming acceptable among their students. These endorsements of Atzmon’s book are the best evidence yet that academic discourse is beginning to cross a red line, and that the crossing of this line must be exposed, rebutted, and rejected in the marketplace of ideas and in the academy.

Posted by AL at November 4, 2011 07:23 PM


Alan Dershowitz is slandering both Gilad Atzmon and his book.

Notice how Dershowitz has made this about blurbs on a book by prominent people (and there are many others with such authority that endorsed the book). Notice how he asked to debate Falk or Mearsheimer but NOT Gilad Atzmon. Why is that? Is it because the contents of the book might actually get discussed and debated, considered and weighed: Ideas worth discussing and debating.

At any rate, Atzmon provides a point by point response to Dershowitz. Give that a read but by all means read the book as well.

Dershowitz’ Lies and Glitches by Gilad Atzmon

By this point, when Dershowitz condemns something, one ought to be very skeptical. Read the book and make up your own mind. Maybe Mearsheimer, Falk and numerous other respected people support the book for good reasons.

Maybe the panel of Jews and non-Jews discussing the book at its book opening thought it worthy for a reason also.

Panel Discussion on Jewish Identity Politics:

Posted by: Brad at November 12, 2011 09:44 PM

I have read Atzmon's book and compared to the Coen Bros. movie "A Serious Man" - it's a big Valentine's Day card to the Jewish community. Dershowitz is just crying out for attention as he was when he fecklessly tried to get President Carter to debate him about his book. This would be the same Alan Dershowitz who signed on to defend the barbaric murderer of Ron Goldman (O.J. Simpson) for a nice payday.

Posted by: Caren Shulman at November 15, 2011 03:52 PM

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