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September 12, 2011

Untarnishable Evidence of Robert Mackey's Bias


CAMERA has occasionally drawn attention to Robert Mackey's anti-Israel tilt. For the past few years, Mackey blogged for The Lede, a New York Times blog.

Apparently he's shown himself to be sufficiently hostile to the Jewish state: The Guardian has hired Mackey to be its reporter and blogger.

Oct. 6 Update -- According to a New York Times tweet, Robert Mackey is returning to the Times as the lead blogger at The Lede.

Posted by GI at September 12, 2011 10:12 AM


(Snapshots: Comment hidden due to re-post. See 10:09 PM comment below for "corrected" version re-submitted by Mackey.)

Posted by: Robert Mackey at September 16, 2011 07:40 PM

I hope the delay in publishing my previous two comments is just administrative, and not an indication that you are fine with inciting hatred of me, but not with allowing me the opportunity to respond.

Posted by: Robert Mackey at September 16, 2011 07:45 PM

Since you have not yet approved my comment, here is a version of it that corrects a typo that I would prefer you to use - and again, if you are interested in fairness, I hope you will publish my comment soon.


(Snapshots: Comments hidden due to re-post. See 10:09 PM comment below for "corrected" version re-submitted by Mackey.)

Posted by: Robert Mackey at September 16, 2011 07:49 PM

Eventually, you might understand that this sort of hysterical attack on anyone who reports anything that might be taken as criticism of Israeli government policies - even Israeli citizens - is doing your cause no good at all. Many people who object to Israeli policies, particularly those that are seen as reckless by some Israeli citizens, are in fact most interested not in hurting the country, but in keeping its most fanatical leaders from wounding it.

The blog posts I wrote for The Times that you take as evidence of a bias against Israel were almost all based on the writings of Israeli bloggers and activists who object to some of the country's policies but do so as concerned citizens. You might want to think about that before attacking fair-minded, responsible people like me. What sort of a society do you think you will have when you succeed in silencing or driving away any citizen who dares to criticize their own government?

I grew up partly in Northern Ireland during 'the troubles,' and worked in Bosnia during the war there, so I am well aware of the damage caused to the world by ultra-nationalists who are blind to anything but what is good for their group. In the end, it does no one any good.

Posted by: Robert Mackey at September 16, 2011 10:09 PM

Hey Robert: You only quote the most rabidly anti-Israel bloggers imaginable. People who INTENTIONALLY take every single topic relating to Israel and WORK HARD to TRY to twist it against Israel, no matter what, every day. You quote people who literally sit on Twitter for 10 hours a day ranting how much they hate Israel. This isn't "helpful" criticism, it's just exaggerated, dishonest garbage.

Posted by: Steve at September 17, 2011 08:02 PM

A response has been published in a separate entry. See here:

Posted by: GI at September 18, 2011 05:10 PM

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