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July 26, 2011

Israel Hayom on Missile Defense


Even -- or especially -- in an era of information-overload, new, solid sources on Israel are welcome. The emergence of a daily newspaper, Israel Hayom, in Hebrew has had a dramatic impact within Israel, offering a counterweight to Ha'aretz and Yediot. Now the same publication is providing some of its content in English.

A featured story on the successful testing of a component of the Arrow 3 anti-missile system by reporter Lilach Shoval was a reminder of the threats Israel faces -- and has to confront:

...Arrow 3 is slated to be Israel's next-generation missile interceptor, built to collide "metal-to-metal" with long-range ballistic missiles before they re-enter the Earth's atmosphere. The Arrow 3 was designed as a response to longer range ballistic missile threats.

But it will take time:

Defense officials speculate that the Arrow 3 will not be operational before 2015. The missile is considered unique, and is planned to provide Israel with the needed defense from unconventional missile bombardment. Israel currently deploys the improved Arrow 2, which can shoot down long-range ballistic missiles. The Magic Wand and Iron Dome anti-missile systems were developed to shoot down shorter range projectiles.

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