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June 29, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood Supporting al-Awa?

Mohammed Salim al-Awa is an Islamist who regards the entirety of Israel as part of the Muslim-controlled waqf and seeks its dissolution.

He wants Jews to live on Muslim-controlled settlements that they cannot leave without permission.

He regards Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel signed in 1979 as a hudna or cease-fire and wants the treaty torn up.

He wants Egypt to serve as a base of operations for terror attacks against Israel.

He wants Egypt to form an alliance with Iran.

He wants the Iranian Revolution to serve as the model for the Egyptian Revolution.

He wants Coptic churches to be routinely inspected for weapons.

He wants Egypt to cancel its economic agreements with the United States even if that means Egyptians go hungry.

With this agenda, Al-Awa has apparently been anointed as the Muslim Brotherhood’s “undeclared nominee? for the upcoming election.

In an article
published on Sunday June 26, Al-Masry Al Youm, a privately-owned newspaper in Egypt, cites a number of experts on Islamist movements in Egypt. One expert, Ammar Ali Hassan, stated “There is a high possibility that Awa is the Brotherhood's secret nominee, and he may even be backed by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF).?

People ignore al-Awa’s candidacy at their own risk.

Snapshot readers who speak Arabic can hear al-Awa’s speeches in his own words in the various youtube videos listed below. (Copy and paste the link into your browser.) (محمد سليم العوا ور?ضة التام لاقأمة مصريين بأسرائيل (عندما تنبأ محمد سليم العوا بعدم انتهاء قضية و?اء قسطنطين (دكتورمحمد سليم العوا- الشهاب المصري دكتور العوا يتحدث عن الشيعه والمسلمين والاقباط ?ى مصر (محمد سليم العوا ور?ضة التام لاقأمة مصريين بأسرائيل_2 (عمرو اديب ومحمد سليم العوا والنصاري ?ي تنظيم الجهاد (سليم العوا مستمر ?ي تحريضه ضد البابا شنوده 3من 3 (سليم العوا مستمر ?ي تحريضه ضد البابا شنوده 2من 3 (سليم العوا مستمر ?ي تحريضه ضد البابا شنوده 1من 3

Posted by dvz at June 29, 2011 11:02 AM


You stated "He wants the Iranian Revolution to serve as the model the Egyptian Revolution."

His secret agenda is to have access to the Iranian weapons technology.

Look for his relationship with Mr. Kamal El Helbawy, The Muslim Brotherhood former spokesman in UK, who visited Iran in less than a month after Mubarak stepped down.

Al Awa said in a recent interview that he has a close friendship with Mr. Helbawy for the past 50 years.

Watch out!!

Posted by: MA at June 29, 2011 11:43 AM

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