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February 13, 2011

Soros Scapegoats Israel for Egyptian upheaval

In his Washington Post Op-Ed, “Getting Egypt right� (February 3) George Soros got it wrong.

Soros scapegoated Israel for the anti-government upheaval then gathering force in Egypt. He alleged that the Jewish state was “the main stumbling block� to reform in its neighbor, the largest Arab country.

Yet when Soros wrote, mass protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and elsewhere around the country focused on President Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year rule, political repression, economic stagnation, corruption, unemployment, rising food prices and other domestic issues. Numerous news reports made clear Egyptian demonstrators were inspired by earlier protests over many of the same causes in Tunisia that had led to the ouster of long-time ruler Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali. Egyptian demonstrations evinced relatively little overt anti-American or anti-Israeli sentiment.

Soros, who made his billions in international currency speculation, was an odd choice by The Post to opine on democracy-building in the Middle East, let alone Israel’s role. He once said that his sense of connection to Judaism “did not express itself in a sense of tribal loyalty that would have led [me] to support Israel.�

In his commentary, Soros caricatured the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the registered pro-Israel lobby, as “monolithic� when, in fact, AIPAC members and board members range from liberal Democrat to conservative Republican. Soros did not mention his own role, until recently covert, as one of the two main funders of J Street, a sort of anti-AIPAC. J Street has, among other things, urged the United States to support anti-Israel moves at the United Nations. Nor did Soros reflect on his criticism of the Bush administration for “actively supporting the Israeli government in its refusal to recognize a Palestinian unity government that includes Hamas.�

Soros said his foundations stand ready to support the transition in Egypt. That will bear scrutiny: Among recipients of his largess is Sojourners, a left-wing Christian group that frequently denounces legitimate acts of Israeli self-defense.

Someone less interested in using — no matter how improbably — the latest news as a club to beat Israel and its supporters with, and more interested in democracy promotion in the Middle East, might have seen that there is a country in the region Egypt could use as a model for democracy, with free, fair multi-party elections, a free press, independent judiciary, minority and women’s rights and so on. Its name is Israel. What The Post saw in Soros is hard to tell. — Joseph Brewer, Washington research intern.

Posted by ER at February 13, 2011 04:56 PM


Soros doesnt include himself in the "Tribe", what in heck does that mean? He knows that he was fortunate to come out alive during WW2 and Germanys killing of almost 1m Hungarian Jews.
His activity is well known, acting as a messenger for the fascists. He thinks he can remove himself from the history of the Jews. He is in denial.
Those Kassams falling on Sderot, fired by Hamas thugs, do not discriminate, nor will the Final Jihad against EVERY Jew, rich, poor, secular, religious, right wing or conservative. He is throwing salt on the conflict..not reducing it, by his biased and outright outrageous blame.
Egypt attacked Israel 3 times..lost, yet got their
Sinai back, with developed assets and army bases,
not to exclude the Canal. They started the war with Israel in 48, 67 and 73, plus the War of Attrition. Each time, they violated prior agreements. Egypt and the Russians were allies for years..Egypt receiving massive amounts of military aid, and mortgaging their crops. Their debt was
forgiven to the US later, during the Gulf Wars. Egypts'woes have nothing whatsoever to do with Israel. They could learn from Israel's democracy however. Their peace as everyone knows is ice cold, and was extorted by the US for billions in aid..and realization that all of Israel is an army., the Canal still being very vulnerable as well as the Aswan Dam. Soroa is a disgrace to his people, and democratic people's everywhere.
He is in fact, deep down, a self-hating Jew with lots of money and influence over gullible and ill informed people and groups.

Posted by: Noah Lev at February 15, 2011 02:20 PM

It's painfully obvious that someone like Soros, for whatever pathetic "reason" is hopelessly biased against Israel and a full-fledged unfortunately very rich, self-hating Jew.

He is notorious for having aided the Hungarian Fascists during WWII identify and round up his fellow Hungarian Jews.

To many he is a loathesome and despicable character, worthy of only contempt by all fair-minded Americans.

Posted by: Al Neuman at February 18, 2011 12:49 AM

Its several months later and just consider
whathas happened do to the Arab Spring, which, in ract, has sprung loose the Islamists in North Africa. Egypt's first free election since the downfall of a US and Israeli friendship (maintained the treaty with Israel in exchange for peace on their borders and US aid), has produced a huge vote for the various Islamist parties, including the nefarious Muslim Brotherhood. Tunisia has gone Islamist, and Libya's ultimate govt is still up in the air. Even NATO doesnt know the final outcome. Syria is a mess, but likely to survive with two dictatorships proping it up (China/Russia) for their own geo-political ends, not to forget trillions in trade deals, including sophisticated arms. (If Irans nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, why the need for this weapnry I ask?).
As the saying goes, it if looks like a duck, walks like a get the point. With so much oil in its reserves, why spend billions on reactors? Soros blames Israel? For what? Just how did 5.5m Jews and 1.4m Muslms influence Egypt?
Again, who attacked whom 3 times? Who violated every cease fire? Who moved Sam Missiles to the Canal in violation of prior agreements? Who had gas vans among their army in the Sinai. For what?
Like the Kapos, Mr.Soros eventually would have met his fate, had events turned worse for him and his family. I find it interesting that despite every indication that Iran is moving towards a nuclear capability, some still believe in "negotiations". BTW, Iran has called for a 100m man Jihad against Israel...and its friends.
Hmmm, will that include Soros, I wonder? Hitler is smiling in his grave.

Posted by: Noah Lev at December 2, 2011 06:43 PM

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