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February 28, 2011

Has the Middle East Council of Churches Issued a Statement?

You may not have seen the video displayed below on any network television, but it is pretty compelling. Egyptian soldiers equipped with heavy equipment and armed vehicles are shown knocking down a wall built around a Coptic monastery. There’s the sound of gunfire and people shouting. If the events shown took place in Israel, you can be assured the confrontation would get wall-to-wall coverage. Here's the video:

The Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) which has done yeoman’s work detailing the ongoing assault on Christians in the Middle East, provides some detail here.

A quick summary is that after a bunch of criminals (including members of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood) were allowed to escape from prison during the Jan. 15 uprising, Coptic monasteries were subject to robberies and attacks.

In response, two Coptic monasteries built fences around their property in an effort to protect their lives and property. Sometime later, the walls were demolished by Egyptian soldiers equipped with heavy equipment and armored vehicles. In one instance, they were apparently incited to engage in this behavior by “a fanatical Muslim officer.?

Will this video go viral? Will this get coverage from the legacy media? Or will it be ignored because it’s not part of the story they want to tell?

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