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February 16, 2011

Egyptian Mob Reportedly Yells Jew, Jew, Jew as Reporter is Sexually Assaulted

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CBS news correspondent Lara Logan was sexually assaulted by a crowd in Egypt nearly a week ago. CBS has just today confirmed the incident. A New York Post story questions the delay in making the news public. The Post and other conservative news outlets like Foxnews report that the crowd was yelling "Jew, Jew, Jew" at her as she was being sexually assaulted. The Village Voice also mentioned the taunts and called for more exposure of the incident. But several other popular left and liberal news outlets like the Huffington Post, Daily Kos, CBS, the Washington Post and other sources omitted any mention of the crowd's anti-Jewish taunts. NPR's blog also did not mention the crowds taunts, but that didn't stop its talkbacks from featuring several comments attempting to change the topic by blaming Israel for trafficking in women.

None of the reports clarify whether the throng that assaulted her were members of what the media has mostly described as orderly, peaceful and pro-democracy demonstrations.

CAMERA has already documented the placards of Hosni Mubarak defaced with Jewish symbols. Logan apparently was previously accosted by Egyptian soldiers who accused her of being an Israeli spy. It is now apparent that hostile sentiment towards Jews is a component of these demonstrations that is not receiving much coverage.

Posted by SS at February 16, 2011 11:47 AM


I wonder why you published the above, when you state
"This is a moderated blog. We will not post comments that include racism, bigotry, threats, or factually inaccurate material".
According to your own criteria it didn't deserve be posted. Factually inaccurate, racist under the surface, full of hatred and bigotry.

But worst of all: I can easily prove that it's not the truth, the reality you present here. Why do you think you won't be caught with the pocket full of small and big lies?

Hmm ...
Robert Soran

Posted by: Robert Soran-Schwartz at February 17, 2011 04:25 AM

is she Jewish?

Posted by: gary at February 17, 2011 04:06 PM

Where were the photographers when Ms. Logan was assaulted ?
Are there photographs of the assailants ?
Can they be identified ?
If so why doesn't CBs make their pictures- all of them- with a BIG caption "RAPIST" public???

Posted by: mark at February 17, 2011 07:06 PM

I am amazed that CAMERA would publish idiotic bigoted comments from an apparent moron, Robert Soran


Posted by: Al Neuman at February 18, 2011 12:42 AM

Not sure where there is a story here. The claim that the crowd chanted "Jew! Jew!" in the New York Post story is based on unnamed sources. There is no explanation as to why these sources need anonymity or how they were in a position to know about the incident. The Village Voice article merely raised a question about the incident without indicating a basis for its suspicion. Lots of smoke -- no fire. A well-respected analyzer and critic of the media like CAMERA should consider taking down this blog post until it can find more solid information about this incident.

Posted by: E at February 18, 2011 08:22 AM

I would like to tell Robert Soran that nearly one million Jews were systematically ethnically cleansed from nine Arab countries and Iran beginning in the mid Forties. We were stripped of all our assets to the "religion of Peace and tolerance." My own family was kicked out in November 1952 from our home country---Egypt.
The racism and bigotry he talks about was and still is committed by Muslims and Arabs against Christians all over the Middle East and Africa. Was Mr. Soran sleeping at the time when this happened? He seems to be a typical clueless Westerner who needs to do a lot of reading about Islam, especially in Saudi Arabia, the most repressive theocracy (along with Iran) and the most religiously intolerant and misogenyst country in the world. Wake up Mr. Soran

Posted by: joseph Abdel Wahed at February 18, 2011 05:10 PM

the story has been widely reported, with no serious challenge to its facticity.

cbs can quickly report that it's false.

but it hasn't.

the assertion that it's racist to report on this story is laughable.

at what point will liberationist movements be held accountable?

Posted by: a reader at February 18, 2011 07:47 PM

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