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January 07, 2011

You're kidding, right?

The comments sections underneath articles on the Internet are often fever-swamps of insanity.

Nowhere is this more evident in the postings beneath a Jan. 4, 2011 article about the interfaith response to the attack on a Coptic Church in Alexandria on New Year's Day 2011 which cost 23 people their lives.

Underneath the article, there are a few comments which attempt to equate the suffering of Palestinian Christians in the "Israeli Occupied Territories" to the suffering of the Coptic Christians in Egypt.

No joke.

One poster states: "My persecution as a Christian in the Israeli Occupied Territories is strikingly similar to the mistreatment of Christians in Iraq, Egypt and other parts of the Middle East."

Another commenter states, "The Christians of the Middle East face enormous obstacles. I know because I grew up in the Israeli Occupied Territories, and learned first hand. Even today, Christians in the birthplace of Christ live as second-class human beings under Israeli occupation."

No, Snapshots is not making this up. Palestinian Christians are attempting to equate their plight with the murder of Coptic Christians in Egypt.

Click on the article and you'll see similar statements for yourself.

Posted by dvz at January 7, 2011 02:41 PM


Palestinean Christians in Gaza and the West Bank are being persecuted and killed, but it's at the hand of Hamas and Hezbollah, not the Israelis.

But hey, why let facts get in the way of a good anti-semetic rant.

Posted by: David C. at January 7, 2011 03:37 PM

Its funny how CAMERA tries to delegitimize Palestinian Christians and our plight. We are persecuted by Israel, not by Hamas or Hezbollah(as one person suggested, even though Hezbollah is not in Palestine). I find it ridiculous that CAMERA will try to deny what thousands of Palestinian Christians are saying in order to white wash Israel's crimes.

Posted by: Mariam at January 9, 2011 08:23 PM

If you look at the comments on any random Yahoo! news article about Israel, you will find they are completely overwhelmed by a tsunami of classic anti-Semitic hate screeds.

Posted by: Babushka at January 10, 2011 04:43 PM

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