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January 06, 2011

The Guardian's 2010 Disproportionate Coverage

The Jewish Chronicle reports:

Israel was the sixth most written about country by the Guardian website in 2010, coming in front of Pakistan, Iran and Zimbabwe.

The Jewish state featured in 1008 stories during the year; more than double the combined total of mentions for its Middle Eastern neighbours Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt.

Jordan appeared 39 and Syria 85 times, while there were 126 reports about Lebanon and 219 about Egypt.

Israel was mentioned almost 100 times more than the next popular choice, France, while the only countries with more stories on them were the UK, USA, Iraq, China and Afghanistan.

For analysis of the Guardian's disproportionate coverage of Israel, visit CAMERA and our friends at CiFWatch.

Posted by TS at January 6, 2011 01:41 AM


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