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August 12, 2010

Norwegian Anti-Semitism Prompts Senator's Concern


Mads Gilbert, a Marxist and member of the Red (Rodt) Party, who endorses the "moral right" of the 9/11 terrorists to kill Americans is among the prominent anti-Israel extremists in Norway

An August 3, 2010 letter from Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas to the Norwegian Ambassador to Washington, Wegger Chr. Strommen, expresses concern about the rising incidence of anti-Semitism in the Scandanavian nation. He notes:

These reports are concerning, particularly as they have sometimes involved prominent members of Norwegian society.

Attached to the Brownback letter is a list by the Simon Wiesenthal Center of ten examples of biased attacks on Israelis and Jews by Norwegians. Among the perpetrators is Dr. Mads Gilbert, whose anti-Israel propaganda antics in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead CAMERA had followed.

In addition to various Norwegian ministers named as involved in blatant anti-Israel activity, the SWC list underscores the menacing environment for the tiny Jewish community in Norway -- a mere 1300 people. Children are subjected to bigotry in schools, cemeteries have been repeatedly desecrated, a cantor was beaten, a community building shot at and in January 2009, according to Norwegian author Erik Eiglad, the largest ever anti-Jewish demonstration in history occurred -- larger than during the Nazi era.

Americans, including the U.S. media, may want to know more about what's happening in Norway!

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